Russell Alexander Law Firm Holds Annual ‘Divorce Day’ Seminar

Inquiries about marital separation surge in early January following the holidays

Russell Alexander Collaborative Family Lawyers will hold a virtual event on Wednesday, Jan. 4, to mark “Divorce Day,” the day which traditionally highlights the annual surge in inquiries about divorce and separation in Canada after the winter holidays.

Alexander and other lawyers will provide an overview about the divorce process, and answer viewer questions.

“Many people put off thinking about a divorce because they don’t want to spoil the holidays, while for others, time spent together over the winter break confirms that they no longer want to continue in their marriage,” said Alexander. “As a result, the phones start ringing off the hook in early January.”

On “Divorce Day” at the beginning of this year, Alexander’s firm broke its record for the number of calls in a single day, even beating the high numbers it posted during the pandemic.

The one-hour presentation will be held via Zoom at noon Eastern on Wednesday, Jan. 4. Topics include the difference between separation and divorce, how to get counselling services, what to expect from the disclosure process, how kitchen-table agreements work and how you can get some hearings held through videoconferencing.

Registration is free, and all attendees will remain anonymous to other members of the audience to protect confidentiality.

Along with Alexander, family lawyers Michelle Mulchan, Carolyn Warner and Annie Yektaeian will be featured speakers.

“For people who are just starting to think about getting divorced, the seminar is a great way to learn more about the basics,” Alexander added. “Those who have their minds made up will also find it helpful to learn more about the next steps they need to take.”