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Russell Alexander Collaborative Family Law Firm Hires New Lawyer

New associate joins legal team amid expansion due to Covid-19-related spike in divorce cases

Russell Alexander Collaborative Family Lawyers today announced that it has hired Alex De Melo as an associate lawyer amid an expansion due to a coronavirus-related spike in divorce cases.

“Family law can be one of the most personal and difficult areas of our profession, but Alex has shown that he can handle a wide range of cases,” said founder Russell Alexander. “We are excited to welcome him to the team.”

An experienced family lawyer, De Melo has worked as a legal counsel at Legal Aid Ontario, … more »

Ontario Family Court Rules Against Divorced Father Seeking to Keep Child From In-Person Schooling

Divorce Lawyer Russell Alexander weighs in on first major case testing COVID safety protocols

LINDSAY, Ontario—The Superior Court of Justice has ruled against a divorced father seeking
to keep his child from attending school in person, in a major test of a custody issue coming up
during the coronavirus pandemic.

In a case watched closely by Russell Alexander Collaborative Family Lawyers, the court granted
a temporary order that the child should be registered to attend school in-person starting in
September, reviewing the issue at Thanksgiving or later, or considering a compromise in which
the student would attend school part of … more »