Michelle Mulchan

Michelle Mulchan


Senior Managing Lawyer

I have been practicing family law for over 10 years. I am skilled in all areas of family law including divorce, custody, access, property division, child and spousal support and Family Responsibility Office enforcement matters.

I enjoy providing comprehensive and sometimes creative resolutions to family law matters. I also try to help families come to resolutions in a cost-effective and timely manner. I excel at helping clients deal with complex financial issues that arise as a result of a separation and help to structure settlements that enable clients to move forward with financial stability. I practice in association with Russell Alexander Family Lawyers.

I was called to the bar in Ontario in January 2010. I graduated with a JD from the University of Windsor in 2008 after receiving a Bachelor of Arts in English from York University. During my time at the University of Windsor, I worked as a Research Assistant for Professor Myra Tawfik. The culmination of that research was published by Professor Tawfik in “An Emerging Intellectual Property Paradigm: Perspectives from Canada”. Prior to joining Russell Alexander, I practiced family law at a firm in Pickering, Ontario for five years. She previously articled at a boutique law firm in Markham, Ontario where I practiced both Wills and Estates and Family Law.

As a proud member of Collaborative Practice Durham Region, I believe that finding creative and personalized resolutions are key to allowing separating couples to divorce without stepping foot in a courtroom. I serve as a subcommittee member for Collaborative Practice Toronto where I enjoy connecting with and working with other lawyers and professionals across Ontario.

After finishing my legal education in Windsor, Ontario I moved back to Toronto my husband. Together we have three beautiful and rambunctious children who are my greatest joy.

I believe in giving back to my community and have been volunteering with the Girl Guides of Canada for four years. I enjoy being a positive role model and mentor to young girls and helping them realize that they can be anything they want to be.

I have also wanted to help my community during the Covid-19 crisis. I am honoured to be related to many front line workers who are risking their safety to help others. As a result, I taught myself to sew reusable masks for front line workers. These masks go over surgical masks and help to extend the life of those surgical masks, which is especially important right now. I have recently challenged myself to begin sewing surgical caps for doctors and nurses who are desperately needed during this time. So far my creations have been donated to a team at Michael Garron Hospital.

I grew up in the Caribbean and moved to Canada when I was 11. I enjoy travelling with my husband and three children and we spend a lot of time in the Caribbean so that they can learn about their heritage. As a family, we also enjoy being out in nature and can be found hiking, swimming at the cottage, gardening, bird watching and biking in the warmer weather.


“I would highly recommend Michelle Mulchan to any prospective family law client. Michelle is a highly organized and professional counsel who represents her clients tenaciously and with great skill in a fair minded fashion. Michelle consistently demonstrated a strong work ethic, anticipates issues that might effect the family and communicates clearly and frequently. Michelle also advances the needs of the entire family in a balanced and holistic approach – recognizing that ‘families are forever’ and that the process should be one that builds the family’s next operating model. Michelle is highly ethical and creative in her approaches – understanding that each family and client is unique. I would recommend Michelle without reservation to my friends and family.

While Michelle is open minded and respectful of her client’s autonomy, she also holds a great sense of responsibility, ensuring her clients understand the law and how it could impact them as they move forward in their separation. She has the unique ability to be clear, creative, imaginative and perceptive, while at the same time is able to be firm and assertive when necessary. I would definitely recommend Michelle as a five star family lawyer.

She is a pleasure to deal with, very organized and responsive, and always keeps her clients’ interests paramount. She does a great job of balancing the requirements of her profession with the cost constraints that all clients are faced with. I would highly recommend her to potential clients.”