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Russell Alexander Collaborative Family Lawyers offers a number of free introductory e-books for download. Please review the titles in our library below to get started.

Saving The Golden Goose: How Family Run Businesses Can Survive and Thrive After Divorce

One of the common fears of clients who own family run businesses is how a divorce will affect the business they have spent their life building. While business owners have control over the work they put into their business and the legacy they are building for their family, they may have little influence over the occurrence of a relationship breakdown. A family business can be impacted when a Company ‘founder’ is involved in separation, especially where both spouses are principals in the business or if a second generation of the family joins the business.

In many family law matters involving children, the spouses are able to agree to cooperate in order to address the best interests of the children. In many ways, a family business can be used as a similar incentive: spouses can agree to cooperate in order to address the best interests of the family business. While fueling conflict is an almost unavoidable side effect of the court system, a collaborative approach is a very effective method in reducing the impact of separation and divorce on family run businesses. This process seeks to ensure that the business remains viable for both spouses, as well as future generations.

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Understanding Collaborative Family Law

Divorce is often a difficult, adversarial process. From lawyers and court dates to alimony negotiations and custody arrangements, the divorce process can be drawn out and difficult.

Collaborative divorce is a way to make that process easier. Instead of fighting things out in a court room, collaborative divorce allows spouses to negotiate things openly and respectfully.

In this free e-book, we’ll cover the basics of collaborative divorce, and how it can benefit your family.

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10 Things You Need to Know Before You File for Divorce

Whether this is your first time thinking about the dissolution of your marriage, or you’re already in the process of doing so, our free e-book can help you find the answers you’re looking for.

Inside, you’ll learn tips and tricks for a successful divorce. Learn how to handle privacy issues, lawyers, and get some clarity on dealing with your finances.

In “10 Things You Need to Know Before You File for Divorce” you’ll get lots of info about divorce, and our free e-course will provide lots of introductory knowledge.

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