Russell Alexander

Russell Alexander

Founder & Senior Partner

I am the founder of Russell Alexander Family Lawyers and the firm’s senior partner. In addition to helping clients with separation, divorce, custody and support issues, I oversee the operations of all seven of the firm’s offices, supervise the firm’s clerks, and collaborate frequently with the firm’s associate lawyers and their own clients.

Trusted Expertise

With nearly twenty-five years of experience, I am able to draw upon a wealth of knowledge and expertise when serving my clients in all aspects of family law. I work with clients to cope with the difficulties of separation and divorce, the division of assets such as homes and pensions, and the calculation and enforcement of child and spousal support. I use my experience to create unique solutions for each client to enable them and their families to move forward with their lives.

I am an experienced litigator and have used my advocacy skills to win family law trials for my clients. But, I understand that litigation has both an emotional and financial toll, so I do my best to resolve as many cases as possible outside of court. I am a fully trained Collaborative Practice lawyer and a member of the Durham and York Region Collaborative Practice Groups.

Clients First

As the firm’s founder and managing lawyer, I have dedicated my practice and those of the firm’s lawyers to achieving results in a compassionate, collaborative, and client-focused manner. I have worked to create a team-based approach that puts the client’s interests at the heart of every lawyer’s work and at the core of the relationship between the firm’s lawyers and our clients.

Professional Background

I completed my undergraduate degree at the University of Toronto and went on to complete my law degree at Osgoode Hall Law School. In 1998, I founded Russell Alexander Family Lawyers. My first location was opened in Lindsay, Ontario, followed by the Brooklin office in 2006, and the Markham office in 2010.

I share my experience with others as a speaker at conferences relating to technology and the law. I am also a faculty member of the American Bar Association TECHSHOW and have had the pleasure to speak at conferences in Chicago and Toronto.

Community Commitment

I believe that lawyers have a special duty and opportunity to give back to their communities. I actively participate in various community groups in Durham Region and have taken the steps to support my community by setting up a charitable fund. The Russell Alexander Giving Fund coordinates the firm’s charitable work to benefit local organizations in need of community support.

Personal History

I was born, raised, and studied in Toronto. With a growing family, my wife and I moved to Lindsay to raise our children. I enjoy taking part in sporting activities and am actively involved in community organizations and events.

In an effort to provide easily accessible legal information to the public, I write extensively about family law issues and cases on the firm’s blog,


“Russell immediately helped me to feel calm and confident, so the hardest first conversation became a breeze. He let me speak to my situation and listened with empathy, without encouraging a therapy session or being pushy for me to wrap it up. He clearly explained to me what my personal divorce process might look like while taking time to concisely answer any questions I had.”

– M.L.

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