Our Team

At Russell Alexander Family Lawyers, our lawyers, law clerks and staff members employ a team-oriented approach to serving our clients.  In doing so, our clients benefit from the breadth of experience that each member has to offer.  While we all work in a collaborative fashion, clients who retain our firm to help them work through their family law issues will have one lawyer and a law clerk assigned to their file.  These individuals will serve as your primary contact, and will represent you throughout your case.  Each team member has a unique perspective and is experienced in resolving family law issues.  Get to know your team by visiting each member’s page.

Russell Alexander

Founder & Senior Partner
I am the founder of Russell Alexander Family Lawyers and the firm’s senior partner. In addition to helping clients with separation, divorce, custody and support issues, I oversee the operations of all six of the firm’s offices, supervise the firm’s clerks, and collaborate frequently with the firm’s associate lawyers and… more »

Nafisa Nazarali

Managing Associate Lawyer
I am the managing associate lawyer at Russell Alexander Collaborative Family Lawyers. I practice in all areas of family law, including divorce, custody, access, child support, spousal support, separation agreements, marriage contracts, cohabitation agreements and property issues. I am committed to my clients and make sure that I do everything… more »

Jason Isenberg

Associate Lawyer
I am an associate lawyer at Russell Alexander Collaborative Family Lawyers. I help clients reach a resolution to their family law issues. This includes but is not limited to: negotiating settlements, participating in alternate dispute resolution, and attending court.  I work hard to provide a personal touch with clients and… more »

Lori Dubin

Associate Lawyer
I am an associate lawyer at Russell Alexander Collaborative Family Lawyers. I employ a client-centered approach. My goal is to get my clients the best possible results by providing practical and efficient advice. After 15 years of practicing law, I am certain that taking cases to court is the most… more »

Michelle Mulchan

Associate Lawyer
I have been practicing family law for over 10 years. I am skilled in all areas of family law including divorce, custody, access, property division, child and spousal support and Family Responsibility Office enforcement matters.  I enjoy providing comprehensive and sometimes creative resolutions to family law matters. I also try… more »

Bill Rogers

Associate Lawyer
I am an associate lawyer at Russell Alexander Collaborative Family Lawyers. I believe expertise and compassion are both essential in helping clients get through their family law issues. My courtroom experience includes numerous motions, several full-blown trials, and I also had the privilege of winning a major family law victory… more »

Adam Borer

Associate Lawyer
I am an associate lawyer at Russell Alexander Family Lawyers. I practice in all areas of family law including Collaborative Family Law, divorce, custody, access, child support, spousal support, domestic contracts and property-related issues. I represent clients in litigation, in negotiations and various forms of alternate dispute resolution. For my… more »

Carolyn Warner

Associate Lawyer
I am an associate lawyer at Russell Alexander Collaborative Family Lawyers.  I have practiced family law exclusively for over eight years since my call to the bar in 2011.  I am committed to providing my clients with empathy and sound advice and I pride myself on approaching all cases with… more »

Susanna Crichlow

Associate Lawyer
I am an associate lawyer at Russell Alexander Collaborative Family Lawyers, fully trained in Collaborative Practice, and able to leverage 7+ years of Family Law practice (including Motions Court, Mediation, Trial preparation and Settlement negotiations) in achieving favourable outcomes for my clients. Detail-oriented and highly motivated, I approach client consultations more »

Christine Ambridge

Senior Law Clerk
In addition to attaining a diploma from Seneca College in the legal field, I have completed a number of courses towards a Bachelor of Arts degree in Legal Studies at UOIT on a part-time basis. After working several years with Toronto-based intellectual property firms, I joined Russell Alexander  Collaborative Family… more »

Darla Weir

Senior Law Clerk, ILCO Certified Expert in Family Law
I work as a senior law clerk at the Brooklin, Markham and Toronto offices. I take a caring, client-focused approach to assist clients through every aspect of their case. I know that these matters can be uncomfortable, so when I am assigned as the clerk on a file, I work… more »

Kaitlyn Swindells

Law Clerk
In March 2017, I joined Russell Alexander as a Law Clerk. I am a graduate of the Centennial College Law Clerk program. I assist the firm’s lawyers and work directly with clients to help them at each stage of their family law matter. I ensure that all clients understand the… more »

Michelle Snoek

Law Clerk
I joined the team at Russell Alexander Collaborative Family Lawyers in October 2017. As a law clerk, I provide assistance to the lawyers in the firm working directly with clients and assisting in drafting various correspondence and court documents. I graduated with Honours from the Legal Office Administration program at… more »

Dani Campbell

Law Clerk
I graduated from Trent University with a Bachelor of Arts Joint Major in Psychology and Sociology.  I also hold a diploma in Police Foundations and Legal Administration from Sir Sanford Fleming College and recently followed my passion for health and wellness by obtaining my registration as a Holistic Nutritionist from… more »

Rita Cuddahee

Real Estate Law Clerk
I am a Real Estate Law Clerk with more than twenty years of experience. I have been with the firm since 2007 and work primarily out of the Lindsay office. I deal with all of our clients’ real estate needs, including new purchase transactions, sale transactions, mortgages and in-family transfers.… more »

Amber-Leigh DuBreuil

Law Clerk
In February 2019, I joined the Russell Alexander team. I am both a certified law clerk and a licensed paralegal and I use this knowledge and experience in all aspects of the client experience. I graduated from York University with an Honours Bachelor of Arts degree in Law and Society… more »

Laura Peel

Account Specialist / Legal Assistant
I have over 18 years of administrative experience. I use my knowledge to directly benefit clients and ensure the firm runs smoothly and efficiently by drafting documents, scheduling appointments and keeping client files organized. In 2017, I was appointed the firm’s account specialist, expanding my role in managing client accounts.… more »

Ashley Macpherson

Intake Specialist
I joined Russell Alexander Collaborative Family Lawyers in 2015 as a receptionist. I work out of both the Lindsay and Brooklin offices. I put my positive attitude and enthusiasm into my work and have become known as a “ray of sunshine” around the office. Not long after joining the team,… more »

Elizabeth MacDonald

Legal Receptionist
I joined Russell Alexander in September 2019 as a Legal Receptionist. I am a key member of the client intake team. I am detail-oriented and I have over five years of experience in reception and office administrative duties and I use this knowledge to ensure that the firm runs smoothly.… more »

Stephanie Brooks

Law Student
I joined the team at Russell Alexander Collaborative Family Lawyers in 2018 as a law student.  It is my goal to bring a bright and caring energy to the office while contributing to the day to day operations of the firm. Born and raised in Whitby, I attended Trafalgar Castle… more »


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