Our Team

At Russell Alexander Family Lawyers, our lawyers, law clerks and staff members employ a team-oriented approach to serving our clients.  In doing so, our clients benefit from the breadth of experience that each member has to offer.  While we all work in a collaborative fashion, clients who retain our firm to help them work through their family law issues will have one lawyer and a law clerk assigned to their file.  These individuals will serve as your primary contact, and will represent you throughout your case.  Each team member has a unique perspective and is experienced in resolving family law issues.  Get to know your team by visiting each member’s page.

Russell Alexander

Founder & Senior Partner
Russell Alexander is the founder of Russell Alexander Family Lawyers and is the firm’s senior partner. In addition to helping his own clients with separation, divorce, custody and support issues, Russell oversees the operations of all three of the firm’s offices, supervises the firm’s clerks, and collaborates frequently with the… more »

Nafisa Nazarali

Managing Associate Lawyer
Nafisa Nazarali is the managing associate lawyer at Russell Alexander Family Lawyers. She practices in all areas of family law, including divorce, custody, access, child support, spousal support, separation agreements, marriage contracts, cohabitation agreements and property issues. Nafisa is committed to her clients and ensures that she does everything in… more »

Jason Isenberg

Associate Lawyer
Jason Isenberg is an associate lawyer at Russell Alexander. He helps clients reach a resolution to their family law issues, which can include negotiation of a settlement, participation in alternate dispute resolution, or attending court.  Jason tries to provide a personal touch with clients, and is known for both his… more »

Michelle Mulchan

Associate Lawyer
Michelle Mulchan is a lawyer who practices in association with Russell Alexander Family Lawyers. She is skilled in all areas of family law including divorce, custody, access, property division, child and spousal support and Family Responsibility Office enforcement matters.  Michelle is skilled at providing resolutions to all family law matters… more »

Adam Borer

Associate Lawyer
Adam Borer is an associate lawyer at Russell Alexander Family Lawyers who practices in all areas of family law including collaborative Family Law, divorce, custody, access, child support, spousal support, domestic contracts and property-related issues. Adam represents clients in litigation, in negotiations and various forms of alternate dispute resolution. Adam… more »

Suzanne Elcock

Associate Lawyer
Suzanne Elcock is an associate lawyer at Russell Alexander Family Lawyers. She practices in all areas of family law, including divorce, custody, access, property division and child and spousal support. Suzanne is a dedicated advocate who assists clients in transition by concluding negotiated agreements and representing them in family court.… more »

Amelia Rodin

Senior Student-at-Law
Amelia Rodin is the Senior Student-at-Law at Russell Alexander Collaborative Family Lawyers. Amelia graduated the University of Windsor’s Juris Doctor/Master of Social Work program in 2017, where she focused her studies on the area of family law, including custody and access, child support, property issues and divorce. As an Honours… more »

Ajit Roopnarine

Ajit Roopnarine is a Student-at-Law at Russell Alexander Collaborative Family Lawyers. As a student-at-law, Ajit assists with drafting correspondence and pleadings, proofreading and general administrative tasks. Ajit graduated from the University of Ottawa’s Common Law program, earning his Juris Doctor degree in 2017. Prior to law school, Ajit obtained an… more »

Gabrielle Underwood

Senior Law Clerk
Gabrielle has been working in the legal field for 20 years and with Russell Alexander for close to 15 years. Working as a law clerk at the Lindsay and Brooklin offices, she assists in all areas of family law, and in particular with Family Court proceedings. She meets with clients… more »

Christine Ambridge

Senior Law Clerk
Christine graduated from Seneca College and is currently working on obtaining her Bachelor of Arts in Legal Studies from UOIT on a part-time basis. Christine originally joined Russell Alexander Family Lawyers in 2006 after working several years as a law clerk with Toronto-based intellectual property firms.  She left the firm… more »

Darla Weir

Senior Law Clerk, Marketing Coordinator
Darla works as a senior law clerk at the Brooklin and Markham offices and takes a caring, client-focused approach to assisting clients through every aspect of their case. When Darla is assigned as the clerk on a file, she works with the client directly to prepare court pleadings, financial statements… more »

Rita Cuddahee

Real Estate Law Clerk
Rita is a Real Estate Law Clerk who works primarily at the Lindsay office. She has more than two decades’ experience as a real estate law clerk and has been with the firm since 2007. Rita deals with the whole spectrum of clients’ real estate needs, including new purchase transactions,… more »

Kaitlyn Swindells

Law Clerk
Kaitlyn Swindells joined Russell Alexander in March 2017 as a Law Clerk. As a graduate of the Centennial College Law Clerk program, Kaitlyn provides assistance to the lawyers in the firm and works with clients directly to help them with every stage of their family law matter ensuring they understand… more »

Kiley Lalonde

Kiley is the firm’s receptionist and is based in the Brooklin office. She is clients’ first point of contact and is always approachable and helpful. Kiley is knowledgeable in all aspects of family law, and helps our clients by directing their inquiries and managing all incoming correspondence. She is responsible… more »

Laura Peel

Legal Assistant
Laura Peel joined Russell Alexander in April 2014 as a Legal Assistant. As a graduate of the Centennial College Legal Office Assistant program, Laura provides the lawyers in the firm with solid and reliable assistance and serves as a listening ear to our clients. Family law clients are understandably faced… more »

Michelle Snoek

Michelle Snoek joined Russell Alexander in October, 2017. She is relied upon at reception answering incoming calls and assisting with new clients. She arranges telephone and in-office appointments as well as organizes the client files ensuring they are kept up to date. Michelle also acts as a law clerk at… more »


Our firm’s bookkeeping and accounting services are provided by our Chartered Accountants, BDO Dunwoody LLP.… more »