Our Story

Russell Alexander Photo of Russell Alexander

Russell is the founder and senior partner of Russell Alexander Collaborative Family Lawyers, which was first established in 1998. In addition to helping clients with separation and divorce, he oversees the operations of eight offices, supervises the full team, and collaborates frequently with the firm’s associate lawyers and their own clients.  

The Power of TeamRIA

We work as a team to serve our clients. While we work in a collaborative fashion, clients who retain our firm will have one lawyer and one law clerk dedicated to their file. 

Collaborative Practice

Did you know that you don’t have to go to court to get divorced in Ontario?  

Collaborative Practice is an innovative and client-centered approach that emphasizes open communication, cooperation, and respect between parties. Our experienced team believes in steering away from adversarial proceedings, opting instead for a cooperative process that empowers families to make decisions together. By focusing on shared goals and interests, we create a supportive environment that encourages creative solutions and preserves relationships.  

The benefits of Collaborative Practice include reduced stress, faster resolutions, and cost-effective outcomes. At Russell Alexander Collaborative Family Lawyers, we embrace this transformative approach to family law, recognizing the profound impact it can have on the lives of our clients and their families. Collaborative Practice is rooted in our commitment to fostering amicable resolutions in family law matters. 

Family Law Services

  • Separation & Divorce 
  • Parenting Time & Decision-Making Responsibility
  • Child Support 
  • Spousal Support 
  • Property Division 
  • Enforcement of Court Orders 
  • Family Responsibility Office (FRO) & Default Hearings 
  • Cohabitation & Separation Agreements 
  • ADR, Mediation & Collaborative Practice 
  • Child Protection (Children’s Aid Society) 
  • Grandparents 
  • Adoption 
  • Family Dispute Resolution Centre 

Please note, we do not accept legal aid certificates.

Get Started in 3 Easy Steps

Our team of legal professionals will explore your options and help you find the solution that is right for you.

  1. Complete our consultation form
  2. Meet with your intake lawyer
  3. Sign our retainer agreement and take action

Let’s Get Started

Our Mission

Our mission is to respect our clients’ goals and protect their rights by providing customized family law solutions. 

Our team will help you by providing guidance during what can be a very difficult time in your life. This means providing you with the information to help you to identify and understand the issues, as well as the options and opportunities available to you to help in this transition. It means working with you to design a plan to help you make progress and achieve your goals. 

We will keep you informed about matters as they arise and discuss any significant decisions with you that you are required to make. We will provide you with our best legal advice and allow you to make the final decisions. 

If you have any questions, or would like to find out more about your individual situation and how a family lawyer can assist you to achieve your goals, please contact us. 

How Can We Help?

Divorce is never easy, we help make it easier.

At Russell Alexander Collaborative Family Lawyers, we understand that you never wanted to be here and never asked to be here. Choosing a lawyer is not like choosing a bank, doctor or daycare. It’s not something you ever thought you’d need to do. It’s not something you even want to do. You’re here because you’re doing what you need to do to take care of yourself and your family. And we’re here to help you do that. 

You have better ways to spend your time and energy than to deal with forms and phone calls and technicalities. At Russell Alexander, we sweat the small stuff, so you don’t have to and do the legwork that makes or break negotiations. Your interests are our most important priority, and we’ll fight for the best possible outcome for you. 

We’re your fiercest advocates. A smiling face on a lousy day. A reassuring voice in a low moment. We’ve got your back. You don’t have to take our word for it – see what our past clients have said about us.  

“RIA performed professionally through some difficult experiences and never wavered from my original request. No surprises, just a responsive, professional and personable team that got great results.” 

Core Values

At the heart of everything we do, our core values guide our actions and serve as our cultural blueprint. We prioritize respect to see everyone as equals and honour each person’s values and beliefs. We recognize the significance of teamwork as a driving force in achieving our common goals. To us, service is doing what we can to the best of our ability. We also know that leadership is essential to the success of any organization, and we all play a critical role in building and maintaining a strong leadership culture. 


Russell Alexander Collaborative Family Lawyers is dedicated to contributing to the local communities we serve through the RIA Giving Fund, and other community initiatives, including Pro Bono Day and the Russell Alexander Law Scholarship.


Russell Alexander Collaborative Family Lawyers strives to provide invaluable resources to our clients and community members to improve access to justice.  

    • Family Law Now After Hours is hosted live at 5pm on Tuesdays via Zoom and Youtube. Russell Alexander and guest speakers discuss a variety of family law topics relevant to those starting to explore separation and divorce.
    • Family Law Now LIVE Virtual Event Series is hosted for professionals in the legal industry. The presentations are hosted by Russell Alexander and a rotating panel of our associate lawyers, as well as guest speakers.  
    • New blogs are posted at least twice weekly to cover legislative changes, court cases, legal news, and more. Subscribe.  
    • The firm has complied an abundance of information helpful to anyone going through divorce or separation. This information provides a simplified look at what the divorce or separation process consists of in Ontario, as well as answers to some common questions, grouped by topics / themes. 
  • Publications 
    • Russell Alexander has authored four books within the topic of separation, divorce and family law. Most recently, AI and the Legal Profession, now available on Amazon.
    • The firm also produces introductory e-books for download.
    • Across our Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Pinterest and more. We are constantly looking to create content that increases access to knowledge.