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We represent clients across all of Ontario. We practice in all aspects of family law including separation and divorce, parenting time, property division, support payments, and more. As the family courts pivot to digital and paperless filing of court documents we can lead you through the entire process online including a zoom divorce remotely from the safety of your home. Please contact our team to book your initial consultation today.

Initial Consultation

Your first step is to speak with our Intake Team to tell them a bit about your situation. They will book an initial consultation for you to speak with a lawyer. The cost of a consultation with the lawyer is $300.00 including HST. You’ll be matched with the right lawyer for your particular case. You will have about one hour with your lawyer to tell them your story and concerns. The lawyer will provide you with tailored advice and recommendations.

Other lawyers offer “complimentary consultations”, but you get what you pay for. Our consultations are not a “sales job”. We listen carefully to your story, answer questions, offer advice and suggest a roadmap to resolution going forward. You will likely feel relieved after your consultation because so much of the uncertainty will be resolved. There is no obligation to retain your lawyer after the consultation but usually, clients do enter into an agreement for further services. The choice is yours. We certainly will not push you into retaining us. We just want to help when you are ready.

Please Note 

The reality is that legal fees are unplanned costs that come during a difficult time in your life. The choices you make now will have a huge impact on your life going forward, and the cost-benefit of doing it right is crucial. In other words, investing in legal assistance is an investment in your future. We see time and again where people try to do it themselves and oversee crucial things which later requires them to get a lawyer, and ultimately unnecessarily extending time and expense for the individual and courts. 

Learn more about our rates, retainers and consultation fees. We have a limited number of consultation appointments each week so book now to reserve your spot. We are not accepting legal aid certificates and we only act for clients who retain us privately. If you have a legal aid certificate, you may contact Legal Aid Ontario for a list of lawyers who may be accepting certificates in your community.

If you do retain our services, any information you share with our firm will be kept strictly confidential.

Our firm operates as a team and in a collaborative manner so that you receive the best service possible. Please be aware that the lawyer you meet for your consultation will pair you with the best lawyer for your file.

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