Annie Yektaeian

Annie Yektaeian

Associate Lawyer

I have been a family law lawyer for over ten years, and my practice includes litigation, alternative dispute resolution (such as mediation and/or arbitration) and, where appropriate, Collaborative Practice, in which I am certified.

As a family law lawyer, my priority is understanding your objectives, looking out for your interests, and guiding you through the process, whichever route your particular matter takes. My advice to you will be practical and informed by professional experience and the knowledge I have gained over the last decade of practising family law.

I am a graduate of the Faculty of Law at the University of Windsor. Prior to obtaining my law degree, I obtained two degrees from the University of Toronto, including a Master’s Degree in English Literature (I will recite the prologue to the Canterbury Tales in Middle English, if asked).

As you may expect, I remain an avid reader and I have more books than I can reasonably house. I am also an absolute lover of animals and am one of those people who nods at dogs as I pass them on the street. I grew up in the suburbs of Toronto and I currently reside in York Region.