Divorce and Family Law: General Concepts

Video: The Family Courts and Rules – The Basics

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Family Law Injunctions

Prior to trial, there are several legal procedural mechanisms that facilitate the orderly resolution of a Family Law matter. An “injunction” is a remedy imposed by the court by which a person is ordered to stop doing something, or to actively do something.

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Required Steps for Divorcing Couples

The Ontario Ministry of the Attorney General now requires any spouses entering the family court process to attend a Mandatory Information Program (also known as a MIP) before filing for their divorce.

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Tax Deductible Legal Fees

Tax law is not particularly exciting, and even lawyers find the topic complex, nit-picky, and never ending. However, there are a few relatively straightforward tax rules and specific principles that separating and divorcing partners should be aware of.

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Where to Locate More Information About Family Law in Ontario

While there is a plethora of advice on family law on Google, there are a number of reputable sources for family law information that can be found online.

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The Family Law Court and Legal Aid

The Family Law Information Program (FLIP) is a free service provided by Legal Aid Ontario (LAO). It is an online program that helps individuals navigate what is often a confusing Family Law court system. FLIP is available through LAO’s website, and outlines many practical and legal issues that former spouses may face during the legal process of a divorce or separation.

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Is Divorce Insurance a Reality?

Everyone has insurance to protect investments in their homes, cottages, cars and other valuable assets. Insurance is even used to help provide for dependents in the event of death. According to Statistics Canada, over 40% of Canadian marriages end in divorce. Given this reality, should someone be able to buy insurance to compensate them in the event of a divorce?

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