The Family Law Court and Legal Aid

The Family Law Information Program (FLIP) is a free service provided by Legal Aid Ontario (LAO). It is an online program that helps individuals navigate what is often a confusing Family Law court system. FLIP is available through LAO’s website, and outlines many practical and legal issues that former spouses may face during the legal process of a divorce or separation.

The FLIP program provides audio and written guides on topics such as legal definitions, information about dispute resolution, legal representation, and the family court process. The program uses everyday plain language and is available in both English and French. Since family law matters are often emotionally charged, the program also covers the  effects of relationship breakdown, as well as information about parenting after separation.

FLIP was developed by a group of lawyers at LAO, and is based on information that is also contained in the Ministry of the Attorney General’s Mandatory Information Program. FLIP assists individuals to make informed choices about how to resolve their issues, whether through alternative dispute resolution outside of the court, or through the family courts.

The purpose of FLIP is to make the legal process easier to navigate by addressing topics into steps, and to provide examples where necessary. The program takes approximately 2 hours to complete, and the flexible online format allows individuals to use the program when    it is convenient for them.

More information about the Family Law Information Program can be found at: