Russell Alexander Family Law Firm Offers Scholarship for Students Interested in Studying Law

Ontario family law firm has granted scholarships to rising university freshman since 2017

The Russell Alexander Law Firm is again accepting applications from students interested in studying the law.

Since 2017, the Russell Alexander Law Scholarship has been given each year to a student with an interest in joining or studying the legal profession to offset the high costs of a law education as well as support the legal field in Canada.

“We were all students once, too, and we remember those moments when someone in the legal field was there to help lift us up,” said founder Russell Alexander. “This is our chance to pay that back for the next generation.”

The recipient will receive up to $2,000 for tuition and a $500 bonus towards the cost of school supplies such as a new laptop, printer, or notebooks.

The scholarship is open to Canadians students enrolling in post-secondary in the fall of 2022. Applicants must have a grade average of 80 percent or higher and an interest in joining or studying the legal community.

Along with basic information about their educational record, applicants are asked to submit an essay of no more than 1,000 words on one of two subjects included on the application form. The application must be submitted between March 14 and June 30.

“Going to school can be an expensive proposition,” added Alexander. “We hope that by offering this scholarship we can help reduce the cost of education for a potential lawyer or legal staffer and help keep the field growing and open to everyone who wants to join.”