In the media: Russell Alexander interviewed by CBC News on the major backlog in divorce proceedings

Couples looking to divorce could have to wait a year or longer

russell-alexanderSince the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, family courts in Ontario have been operating on an emergency-only basis.

The majority of cases that were scheduled to be heard as far back as March were put on hold.

“We’ve got a four or five-month backlog, so the cases that were scheduled in March are now getting scheduled for October and November,” said Russell Alexander, a family lawyer in Toronto.

He says anyone looking to file a new case should expect to wait “well into the new year” before it gets in front of a judge.

“You’re three or four months in pre-pandemic times, now you’re probably eight months to a year or longer,” Alexander added.

Wait times could get even worse before things start to level off again.

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