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In the media: Russ interviewed by Devon Peacock from Global News 980 CFPL

Court rules in favour of child attending school in-person after divorced parents can’t agree on what is best

Last week, an Ontario judge ruled it was in the best interests of a child that they go back to school after their parents, who are divorced, couldn’t agree and took the matter to court.

What could this mean going forward?

Divorce attorney Russell Alexander joins Devon Peacock on the Morning Show to discuss.

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In the media: Court of Appeal finds definition of spouse applies to couple who lived together intermittently

A recent Ontario Court of Appeal decision could be seen to stretch the definition of spouse when it comes to spousal support and may spark more family law litigation, predicts one family lawyer.

“This is sort of a very specific issue in terms of who do we consider to be a spouse,” said Russell Alexander, the founder and senior partner with Markham, Ont.-based Russell Alexander Collaborative Family Lawyers.

“The traditional model is you’re living continuously under the same roof,” he told The Lawyer’s Daily. “This particular case kind of takes it to the next level. They were dating and … more »

CTV News: COVID-19 custody battles present tricky challenge for overwhelmed courts

TORONTO — Divorced parents at odds over arrangements for their child’s safety during COVID-19 have been turning to Canadian courts to settle custody disputes, sometimes in an attempt to limit one parent’s access to a child.

In one case, a father temporarily lost physical access to his daughter after taking her shopping in April without a mask. The child has asthma, putting her at higher risk of complications from the virus, and the judge expressed worry that the father would continue to dismiss safety guidelines.

In another case, a judge prevented a child from visiting a cottage with his father … more »

In the media: Russ appears on CTV News to discuss his new book, “Everything You Aways Wanted to Know About Divorce

Russell talks to CTV News host, Beverly Thomson to discuss his new book and the special chapter dedicated to divorce during the pandemic.

On August 6, 2020, Russell and CTV News’ Beverly Thomson connected over Zoom for an interview that touched on a range of topics dealing with divorce during the pandemic that he delves into in his new book, “Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Divorce.”

Russell also discussed how the firm has seen a spike in couples seeking information about divorce, child access during the pandemic, and how couples are becoming overwhelmed by spending so … more »

In the media: Russell Alexander interviewed by CBC News on the major backlog in divorce proceedings

Couples looking to divorce could have to wait a year or longer

Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, family courts in Ontario have been operating on an emergency-only basis.

The majority of cases that were scheduled to be heard as far back as March were put on hold.

“We’ve got a four or five-month backlog, so the cases that were scheduled in March are now getting scheduled for October and November,” said Russell Alexander, a family lawyer in Toronto.

He says anyone looking to file a new case should expect to wait “well into the new year” before it … more »

In the media: Russell Alexander appeared on Global News Radio, CFPL 980

Last week Russell Alexander appeared on Global News Radio to discuss the spike in divorce cases during the pandemic and what impact the lockdown has had on the courts.

Since the courts were mandated to close due to the Covid-19 pandemic, many divorce cases were forced to be rescheduled which has caused a backlog within the court system. Separating couples who filed for divorce before the lockdown are now looking at a 5 to 6 month wait period before they could have an opportunity to be heard before a judge. Additionally, new cases that are being filed into the system … more »

In the media: Ask Ellie, If divorce is inevitable, get informed now

Russell Alexander was recently featured in the popular advice column, “Ask Ellie”, which has been published in a variety of major newspapers including the Toronto Star, Times Colonist, Well and Tribune, Our Windsor and the Brampton Guardian.

Ellie Tesher is a relationship advice columnist, author, public speaker, and former TV host who provides advice and guidance to her readers nationwide.  When Ellie received the question: ‘How long do I have to hold out before divorcing a man I no longer love?’, she turned to Mr. Alexander and his new book ‘Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Divorce’ for the … more »

Russell Alexander recently featured on Law Times

Lawyer’s new book on divorce: Family law in a pandemic

Social distancing’s push to use technology has enhanced client service, says Russell Alexander

Stuck in lockdown, how do you keep your marriage together? If that does not work, how do you get a divorce during a global pandemic?

The COVID-19 pandemic has – for better or worse – brought families together, provided they had been living together in mid-March. Lindsay-Ont.-area family lawyer Russell Alexander was set to publish his second book Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Divorce, when the pandemic struck. He delayed publication to add a

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