Firm News Celebrates 2013 Clawbie Award

Russell Alexander Collaborative Family Lawyers is pleased to announce that its Family LLB blog has received a 2013 Clawbie (Canadian Law Blog Award) in the Best Practitioner Blogs category.

Started back in November, 2009, Family LLB is written by our firm’s founder, Russell Alexander. Russell draws upon his nearly twenty years of experience helping clients who are going through a separation or divorce, and writes on a variety of related topics.

The goal behind Family LLB has always been to educate readers about Ontario family law topics. We seek to answer common divorce law questions, highlight legal discussions within mainstream news, and to review the latest changes and decisions within Ontario divorce law.

Family LLB shares this award with two other excellent Canadian legal practitioner blogs: David Fraser of McInnes Cooper in Halifax, and Lisa Stam of Baker & McKenzie in Toronto.

About Russell I. Alexander

Russell I. Alexander is a law firm dedicated solely to family law. With experienced lawyers and staff of 10 people, the firm provides guidance on matters relating to family law. For additional information about the Russell I. Alexander Giving Fund, please visit

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