Pamela Favotto

Pamela Favotto


Law Clerk

I joined the Russell Alexander team as a family law clerk in October 2021. I am entirely self-taught in the law clerk profession – after moving to Canada from Italy at the age of 19, I graduated at Seneca College with a Tourism & Travel Diploma and then accepted a position as junior family law clerk in March 2017.

Since I started working as a family law clerk, I immediately fell in love with the job: I found family law to be a very fascinating and important branch of law and my background in social sciences was helpful in dealing with clients and their sensitive matters in a tactful and empathetic way. I enjoy working closely with clients, listening and addressing their questions and insecurities, helping them to understand court procedures and documents and always being mindful of the often very difficult and delicate situations they are experiencing.

 Since 2017, I have worked exclusively in family law; at first for two sole solicitors and then at a mid-sized firm in downtown Toronto. At Russell Alexander Collaborative Family Lawyers, I assist lawyers in drafting pleadings, financial statements, briefs, motion materials and finalizing divorces.

Originally from a small town in the north of Italy near Venice, I moved to Toronto in 2012 and lived there for 9 years. Recently, I have moved back to Italy in the city of Padua to be closer to my family. In my free time, I enjoy cooking, reading and travelling with my husband.