Ontario Family Law Resources

Anyone involved in a family law matter will find the following basic list of basic government departments, websites, online forms, and other resources useful.

Family Courts in Ontario
Some communities have a special family court called the Family Court of the Superior Court of Justice (Family Court), also called the unified Family Court. All types of family law matters can be dealt with in this Family Court.

If you do not have a unified Family Court in your area, you can take family law matters to the Ontario Court of Justice or to the Superior Court of Justice, depending on what family law issues you are dealing with.

Ontario Courts
An online guide that provides an overview of all courts in Ontario, including those that deal with family law matters.

Court Locations
For information on court locations and the services they provide, contact the Ministry of the Attorney General

Court Fee Waiver Form
You can apply to have certain court fees waived if you cannot pay them because of financial circumstances. The fee waiver applies to most fees in family law cases that are not appeals. See the following website for more information and Fee Waiver Request forms.

Forms for Family Court
Downloadable, printable court forms for family law matters.

Duty Counsel
Duty counsel lawyers are available in courthouses to help low-income people who do not have a lawyer with them in the courtroom. You may have to show that you cannot afford to pay for a lawyer. Duty counsel can provide advice, request adjournments, and assist in settling issues. To find out more about duty counsel services, contact your local Legal Aid Ontario office.

Family Law Information Centres
All Ontario courts that deal with family law matters provide information and referral through Family Law Information Centre (FLIC) services. FLIC services include free information and help on issues related to separation and divorce and other family law matters. They also include information about court procedures, how to get a lawyer, services available in the community for families and children, and alternatives to going to court, such as family mediation. Advice lawyers from Legal Aid Ontario are also available at FLICs at certain hours. For information on FLIC services in your area, visit their website.

Family Mediation Services
Family mediation services are available at all unified Family Court locations. For more information contact your local Family Law Information Centre (see above).

Ontario Association for Family Mediation
A not-for-profit association promoting family mediation as a dispute resolution process for separating couples and for families in conflict.

Parent Information Sessions
Free parent information sessions are available at all unified Family Court locations in Ontario for parents who are separating or considering separation.

Community Legal Clinics
Community legal clinics provide legal services to low-income people in areas such as housing, employment insurance, income support, immigration, human rights, and workers’ compensation. Some clinics also provide assistance with wills, powers of attorney, and education law. To find the community legal clinic nearest you, visit the Legal Aid Ontario web site or call Legal Aid Ontario (see below).

Legal Aid Ontario
1-800-668-8258 (bilingual)

Ministry of the Attorney General (Ontario)
Visit the website below for guides to family law procedures in Ontario courts, including information on making an application for an uncontested divorce. This web site also has information on child protection court cases, child support, supervised access, and other family law topics.

Department of Justice Canada
The Department of Justice web site listed below has information on the laws of Canada, public legal education and information, and resources and publications for the general public. You can also call the Family Law Information Line for information on the Federal Child Support Guidelines and the Divorce Act, and to order Department of Justice Canada publications related to family law and family violence.
1-888-373-2222 (bilingual)

Publications Ontario
Publications on various family law topics, including information on wills and divorce in various languages.
1-800-668-9938 (bilingual)

The Farm Line
Confidential peer counseling and referral for farm families, operating Monday to Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.
1-888-451-2903 (bilingual)

CLEO (Community Legal Education Ontario / Éducation juridique communautaire Ontario)
Provides clear language legal education and information materials for low-income and disadvantaged people in Ontario. CLEO’s materials address issues in many areas of law, including family, domestic violence, social assistance, housing, and immigration and refugee law. Most materials are also available in French. All print publications are free and can be viewed online.
416-408-4420 (accepts collect calls)

An online collection of public legal education resources for community workers.

Service Ontario
Address changes, name changes; birth, marriage & death certificates, etc.

Ontario Statutes and Legislation

Federal Child Support Guidelines