Family Law Q & A

Anyone dealing with a family law issue is bound to have many questions, and our goal is to provide you with the information you need to make the right choices for your family.

  • Awareness of parental alienation has increased greatly over the last few years. Learn about what parental alienation is and how the courts view it, through articles by several prominent Canadian family lawyers.
  • Child support issues can be very complex, but there are guidelines and rules that the courts follow to establish how much child support must be paid. This section addresses how long child support must be paid, what happens if it is not paid, what happens when a paying parent is on social assistance, and many other topics.
  • Divorce is hard on everyone involved, but especially on children. We’ve compiled a list of considerations for families dealing with separation: what challenges you may face, where to get help, what feelings and reactions to expect, and how to help kids adapt to the new circumstances.
  • Regardless of whether children involved, divorce can be confusing and complex. Find out the difference between separation and divorce, how spousal support is calculated, how custody decisions are made, and answers to other common questions about divorce in Ontario.