How Can I Get More Information?

Speaking to friends or colleagues is always a good start when considering a particular lawyer or law firm in order to get a referral or recommendation, and to help make your decision a little easier.  There are also various other resources that can help in providing more information such as:

  • A public legal education and information organization
  • A law society or bar association referral service for a lawyer
  • An information centre specializing in family justice
  • A parent education course for separating parents
  • A community legal clinic
  • Duty counsel at a legal aid office
  • A university law school with a student-run legal information service
  • A mediator, social worker or counsellor
  • An emergency shelter
  • A divorce support or self-help group
  • A multicultural community organization
  • Relevant library books and videos

There are a variety of resources, professionals, organizations and other sources that are able to help and can provide additional information.