Welcome to the team, Rick

Russell Alexander Collaborative Family Lawyers is proud to welcome associate lawyer, Rick Peticca to the firm.  Over his 13 year career in law, Rick focuses on all aspects of family law and matrimonial law by helping clients find resolution on a myriad of areas which include child-related matters, support, and property issues and also in drafting and finalizing domestic contracts – cohabitation agreements, marriage contracts, paternity agreements, and separation agreements.

While in law school, Rick worked with the Family Law Project in his second year by working at the Ontario Court of Justice in Toronto (both at the Ontario Court of Justice courthouses located at 47 Sheppard Avenue East and 311 Jarvis, in Toronto, Ontario) to assist unrepresented litigants work with duty counsel and family advice counsel at the courthouses, and also with court staff, by helping these individuals bring their matters before the court.

When he is not helping clients, he enjoys outdoor activities such as going on nature walks and hikes, and also enjoying time with family and friends.