Virtual Events Testimonials

500+ Reasons to Watch Family Law Now

  1. The webinar was very informative in a timely way and on a topical issue.
  2. I was able to receive the context of the recent developments in AI
  3. The topic of AI is a very interesting subject that is a new area of discussion for us.
  4. The webinar was very informative with a great use of media
  5. It is good to know what is on the horizon in the practice of law
  6. I appreciated the new ideas you brought with new people
  7. I am a luddite when it comes to emerging technologies, so the possibility is enticing, when presented with enthusiasm, as this was.
  8. I appreciated learning what they believed the limits of AI would be
  9. The appreciate different perspectives on AI, given everyone’s backgrounds
  10. I thought both the content and the presenters were very good. It was well organized.
  11. It was quite useful.
  12. It was fast paced, as they were knowledgeable experts
  13. Very candid presenters
  14. I received more knowledge today about AI and also in the context of family law.
  15. It was a good wealth of information put together in an understandable way.
  16. Russell and the speakers were all highly well informed and very prepared. This is the best and most relevant AI presentation that I have seen so far.
  17. It was very enlightening
  18. It was a very relevant and timely topic
  19. It made me think about how I should respond to a Google review
  20. I enjoyed the contributions of each of the panellists. I related most with Jerry’s opinions.
  21. Good overview about AI
  22. Speakers very well versed and clearly prepared for questions and topics
  23. I appreciated the Ontario lawyer perspective, especially when Divorcemate was mentioned and compared to AI
  24. This was a pointed and useful discussion. Good takeaways and understanding of the issues.
  25. They are a very informative group of guests, each with their own particular perspective/take on AI and family law. I’m beginning to understand the role of AI a bit better.
  26. There was great interplay between speakers
  27. This is a HOT TOPIC
  28. There was lots of good information in a timely fashion. It has a great format with bits of humour.
  29. It was an expository on AI .
  30. There was sincerity, and depth.
  31. It was a good overview
  32. It is a very important topic. Excellent panel!
  33. It was well organized.
  34. The input and perspectives from the panel members was very enlightening.
  35. Very interesting topic and I enjoy the family law perspective as that is very useful for me
  36. I enjoyed The presentation format and the speakers’ knowledge.
  37. It was very informative. Thank you.
  38. It was informative.
  39. I enjoyed hearing about the latest tech.
  40. Speakers were interesting.
  41. Excellent content – Hope there is a part 2.
  42. Interesting topic; great presenters and poll questions.
  43. It was a timely topic and well informed presenters.
  44. The panellists were excellent.
  45. I appreciate the exposure to a new application of AI to family law.
  46. I appreciated updated information on technologies used by lawyers.
  47. I learned a lot about AI and how prevalent it will be (is) and how important it is for lawyers to adapt to it.
  48. I appreciate this new concept with technology.
  49. This is a practical approach to impact upon legal practices.
  50. This is a very current topic – need to follow up.
  51. I enjoyed the scope of comments; different expertises; link with reality.
  52. I enjoyed hearing about the effect of AI.
  53. I am very thankful to have been included in your audience today. The conversation was very intelligent, concise and rich in information about new and very important topics of AI and our lives, work.
  54. It was a very interesting subject matter,  but it makes me feel old and out of touch. 🤣
  55. I appreciated the way each of the presenters answered the questions. They each had different points of view, which made me want to be a part of this AI- GPT chat experience.
  56. They were great presenters and all spoke well.
  57. The quick Q & A’s make it an efficient use of time.
  58. You guys are doing a great job. Thank you so much.
  59. Thank you for taking the time to organize and deliver those presentations. As a family lawyer, I watch them when I can as I enjoy the format and topics.
  60. I appreciated the examples of lawyer tasks replaceable by AI, e.g. automation of intake process, legal research, available tools and market players.
  61. This was a great Team with specialized skills.
  62. Keep it up.
  63. This was an excellent presentation by the panel.
  64. I appreciated the fact that it was so tech savvy. The examples allowed me to appreciate the significance of AI more
  65. It was Informative.
  66. AI’s super interesting to learn about.
  67. I learned what AI can do for family law files and the length of time spent accordingly, future focus of practice etc. Very informative. Thank you.
  68. The scope and clarity of issues discussed was absolutely top notch.
  69. There were great speakers and content. It was a relaxed presentation with questions and polls throughout to help.
  70. I enjoyed the content
  71. I appreciated the information sharing.
  72. This webinar brought clarity to some of the potential issues involved with AI.
  73. I enjoyed learning about all the new AI programs.
  74. This was a very interesting and relevant topic on Artificial Intelligence
  75. The poll questions keep the audience engaged.
  76. Good panel and very Informative.
  77. I appreciated the opportunity to speak with those actually in Collaborative Practice. I have more information now about how it works.
  78. The presenters were very good at explaining how CP works and the benefits of it.
  79. I learned more about collaborative practice.
  80. I enjoyed how It was about how to resolve family issues and at the same time to maintain the family relationship.
  81. I appreciate how these webinars have the best experts present.
  82. I liked hearing more about collaborative practice and its philosophy.
  83. I liked this group of professionals.
  84. I appreciate getting information on how to become a Collaborative Practice Family Lawyer.
  85. Thank you for all you do. You are helping a lot of lives.
  86. Speakers were easy to understand and very direct answering of questions
  87. Great topics and helpful reference to ONCA cases. Tax deductibility issues were also very helpful.
  88. I liked having the ability to ask questions and the expertise of the presenters.
  89. I liked the depth of experience and expertise of the panel. Great insights.
  90. I enjoyed the topics covered.
  91. I liked the candour of the participants. They were open and honest on the topics that were discussed.
  92. This was a great group of people. There was conversational interaction between the presenters.
  93. I enjoyed the entire presentation. The panellists included substantive information, some practice tips and case law to rely upon.
  94. I appreciated the accuracy of the information provided in such a succinct period of time.
  95. I liked the interaction with the polling system.
  96. The examples, the case law, It makes what you say very real.
  97. Practical and succinct.
  98. Presentation is very informative.
  99. The topics that were addressed today were helpful – the information will help me in some of the files I have.
  100. I enjoyed the conversational approach by Russell and his method of moving each presentation along seamlessly. Well done.
  101. I liked the clarity.
  102. Although only a one-hour presentation, it covered a variety of sub-topics under the Spousal Support umbrella, which were very informative. I also enjoyed the polls throughout the presentation as they allowed the viewers to participate and weigh in on the questions. Well done!
  103. I enjoyed learning about the rules and what could be some outcomes.
  104. Very informative – thank you. All parts.
  105. I liked the humour. Seriously though, very concise, thoughtful and well presented.
  106. The information provided by the panel through a detailed and organized manner.
  107. I liked all parts including Q&A and sharing on the related topics.
  108. This was another good one!! I Learned new stuff as usual.
  109. Great topic; excellent insights.
  110. The topics covered are very informative and touch on areas that I have always needed clarification on.
  111. The polls make the subject more interactive. There were relative topics with tips and tricks.
  112. It was a good refresher on the essentials of spousal support payment.
  113. Detailed explanation.
  114. As always, it is practical, not theoretical.
  115. Elaborate discussion of issues bothering on spousal support.
  116. I learned a great deal, as I am usually in an OCJ family where spousal support is less common.
  117. Useful information.
  118. It clarified a few frequently-asked, technical questions on the calculations of spousal supports.
  119. Lots of information provided. Good speakers. Well chosen areas to discuss.
  120. I enjoy the friendly informal way information is presented where it seems like we are just listening in to a group of friends shooting the breeze.
  121. All the presenters were very professional and did a great job. Having key references available for download was a bonus!
  122. It was structured and well-paced time-wise.
  123. The format is very clean and easy to follow. Alexander always dresses sharp.
  124. Great information shared.
  125. I liked the way in which the content was presented.
  126. The webinar was very professional and informative.
  127. As always, very informative. Very down to earth atmosphere.
  128. It was straight to the point.
  129. I enjoyed these little snippets that go a long way in figuring out your client’s position in the spousal and child support argument.
  130. Excellent.
  131. Great information delivered in an easily consumable manner. And with just the right amount of humour!
  132. The content was highly informative and current.
  133. There were valuable insights on entitlement, compensatory vs non-compensatory support and a variety of other support issues.
  134. The information provided was informative and helpful.
  135. The information was presented in a clear and organized manner.
  136. Great to hear practical tips about SS in agreements.
  137. Great panellists and discussion points.
  138. It was so interesting and addressed the issues I’ve been struggling with for 20 years.
  139. I appreciate the quick tips and reminders for practice.
  140. I appreciate the clarity of the answers to the topic/questions by all of the panellists.
  141. I think it was a great format and well covered.
  142. Thank you for taking the time to create these webinars!
  143. You are all fabulous family lawyers. I love your expertise and willingness to share your knowledge online.
  144. If you have more of these, I’d be interested in hearing about it.
  145. Speakers were excellent.
  146. I like how there are multiple speakers. 
  147. The presenters were excellent. Hearing from women in law, and visible minorities is enlightening.
  148. I liked the Information shared & knowledge of the speakers.
  149. The whole presentation was really helpful.
  150. Every part of the presentation was interesting.
  151. The panellists were great presenters.
  152. I liked the thought and energy that the presenters displayed.
  153. Presentation was well thought out and insightful.
  154. There were a variety of speakers and topics. Well organized.
  155. I enjoyed the content.
  156. It was a great presentation.
  157. All the presenters were very engaging and knowledgeable.
  158. Thank you! Great presentation. Bite sized chunks of information that add up to a useful primer to DEI.
  159. It was so informative and empowering.
  160. It was eye-opening.
  161. While I am a sole practitioner, as a Black woman, given my lived experience I am always very interested in these discussions. I enjoyed the presenters, the content and the quality of the discussion. Too often these type of presentations miss the mark – IMO, I was pleased that this one did not.
  162. I like the broad variety of topics discussed.
  163. This presentation enlightened me to information that I know nothing about.
  164. There was lots of information about different aspects of the subject.
  165. There was lots of practical advice, derived from personal experience.
  166. I appreciated the information reinforcing what I had discovered.
  167. Great general overview of the topics.
  168. I liked the knowledgeable speakers, high level information, and a wide range of topics covered.
  169. The presentation was quick and pointed.
  170. I liked how the Information was shared by experts.
  171. I appreciated the broad overview of the ins/outs for Guideline Income.
  172. I appreciated the clarity and expertise.
  173. The content was on point – very helpful.
  174. It was informative and educational.
  175. This presentation had an excellent broad coverage of a very detailed and complex topic – which is important to me, and makes me nervous as I do not have any experience in this topic. It gave me an overview of what is involved and helped me make decisions regarding whether to use a mediator or a Collaborative Lawyer.
  176. I enjoyed learning more about how income is potentially sheltered.
  177. I liked how it covered a wide variety of topics in a clear and simple manner.
  178. There was a generous sharing of information by the speakers.
  179. There were many clear points made.
  180. I enjoyed the Q & A and hearing the  panellists’ knowledge.
  181. I liked how there was no time wasted. Quick and efficient delivery of information that achieved an ambitious agenda in the allotted time.
  182. I enjoyed that there was lots of knowledge shared and different aspects of the family business expenses explained.
  183. It was interesting to learn about the different types of income that could be assessed.
  184. I enjoyed having two experts offering their opinions.
  185. I appreciated the knowledge of the presenters.
  186. I enjoyed learning that a third party can actually assist with Income Disclosure under report income etc. and also using CBV to do the leg work.
  187. I liked the expert information – very informative.
  188. I liked the aspect of a Q&A.
  189. I enjoyed how speakers kept it moving and touched on major topics.
  190. I appreciated how It tried to cover as much as possible during the hour.
  191. There is a high level execution, but still very relaxed.
  192. The presentation was very well organized and a wide variety of questions were covered.
  193. These are very informative presentations which gave me lots to think about.
  194. I appreciate the substantive information.
  195. This series has been very good so far. There is lots in it for both lawyers and non-lawyers.
  196. There were excellent explanations of the material, presented in a way that was easy to understand for someone who is not a legal/financial professional.
  197. I liked how the presenters shared their personal experiences.
  198. I enjoyed the personal stories and advice. It was conversational rather than scripted.
  199. I like the fact that the presentation incorporated the opinions of attendees.
  200. It was very practical. It is led by people with lived experience, Very engaging, informative and inspiring. The ladies kept it real.
  201. The topics were incredibly relevant, and the presenters were engaging, knowledgeable, and honest.
  202. It was very affirming of the challenges.
  203. I enjoyed the personal stories that the presenters shared. It really puts a human touch to the issues.
  204. I enjoyed every bit of the discussion
  205. I enjoyed hearing about the experiences of women in law.
  206. I liked how it was very informative and it featured women!
  207. Lovely ladies…all the best.
  208. I appreciated the personal stories and tales of struggle and success.
  209. I liked how each of the presenters were relatable and genuinely honest.
  210. I truly enjoyed the women-centric stresses and solutions (if any) presented.
  211. I appreciated the enthusiasm of the speakers.
  212. I liked hearing about the personal experiences of women in my profession.
  213. I enjoyed the conversational organization, relatable and not top down. I liked the use of statistics to ground the topic and how it translates into reality. I liked personally the anecdotes and vulnerability of speakers.
  214. I absolutely adored the input from the panel. Being a young female lawyer myself, trying to navigate the world of law and motherhood, it is really reassuring to know there are others out there too.
  215. It’s very comforting to hear that you are not the only one dealing with this stress. Also it was motivating to hear other females’ experiences.
  216. I liked how it was very candid and speakers speaking from personal experience.
  217. I liked how women lead.
  218. I enjoyed hearing Margie, Michelle, and Kimberly rehash similar experiences as mine, which gave me some sort of affirmation.
  219. I enjoyed hearing about details and issues facing women lawyers.
  220. This was a well-put-together topic to commemorate International Women’s day. For me, it was a well-needed support system at this moment.
  221. I appreciated the practical tools for sharing parenting information.
  222. I liked the topics and the way it was presented.
  223. As an older practitioner, many of my client observations were validated by the panel. I appreciated the technological suggestions, as the more ways of keeping the parties at arm’s length, the safer my clients will feel.
  224. I liked how there were different professionals, giving a full scope perspective.
  225. Extremely informative .
  226. I liked the clear description of the various types of domestic violence & narcissism of the relationship. – Several options to arrive at a resolution in a difficult relationship.
  227. I really liked the various backgrounds of the speakers and how their different roles can intersect in a dv case and be of assistance to that particular client.
  228. I liked how all topics covered were relevant
  229. I liked how this was Informative regarding narcissism and practical advice.
  230. I liked the clarity of the presenters’ information.
  231. I appreciate the pacing and the surveys which were useful to confirm facts or educate me on what is so.
  232. I liked everything. The speakers were clear, concise and informative. I have been practising family law for over 30 years and I still learned from today’s presentation.
  233. There were very good examples mentioned. It really shows you the importance of educating yourself on this topic.
  234. I appreciated the candid helpful advice.
  235. The whole presentation was great and informative.
  236. I thought the presenters and slides were thoughtful and concise.
  237. I enjoyed the responses moving between lawyers and social support workers.
  238. I liked the great choice in topics.
  239. It was very informative. I love the interactive nature of the presentation.
  240. I appreciated how the dialogue was very casual and informative.
  241. I enjoyed the topics discussed.
  242. I appreciated the information provided.
  243. I liked how It was very informative. I wish I had known about all of the resources available when I was trying to get out of my abusive relationship.
  244. It was very informative and succinct.
  245. I liked how the polls were engaging.
  246. It was professionally conducted.
  247. I appreciate the tips.
  248. I appreciate the poll and the structure of the presentation.
  249. The presentation was very informative! Great use of media, and I especially enjoyed the polls. The speakers were interesting, knowledgeable, and concise. They offered excellent knowledge that I will bring back to my team!
  250. All presenters were articulate and well versed on the topics discussed.
  251. There was lots of information shared, different perspectives and very practical advice for practitioners.
  252. Presenters were all very understanding and kind. I felt it was a very professional webinar. It truly showed me that the mediator I am working with does not understand domestic violence relationships.
  253. I enjoyed the details discussed about managing files and safeguards.
  254. I enjoyed the interplay amongst the members of the panel.
  255. Excellent information, well-presented.
  256. Presentation was very informative and well-paced. All participants were knowledgeable.
  257. It was very educational on behavioural patterns.
  258. I liked the topic, and the suggested practical ways to solve real life lawyer/client issues.
  259. The speakers were all engaging and didn’t seem to just be reading from a script.
  260. The presentation was very informative and included practical tips for the lawyers.
  261. I like how it was packed with information but not overwhelming.
  262. There is good banter between presenters – kept it interesting as the topic is very important. They did a good job of covering a lot of material in a short period of time.
  263. It was an Informative presentation. I enjoyed the technology references and the point about safety planning which is essential.
  264. It was a great topic of discussion. Very Informative and great tips provided.
  265. This is a very important topic. Michelle seems to have a real understanding of this issue with the empathy and legal knowledge combined. It’s great that you have two social workers on staff.
  266. Everyone was knowledgeable, prepared, and clear.
  267. 1.0 to 1.5 hours is a good length. Good time of day. Great to hear experts talk shop.
  268. I liked how most topics were covered in depth.
  269. I appreciated the polls and the resulting knowledge. As well as the practical responses by the speakers to the Q & A.
  270. The presentation was incredibly focused and obvious that the participants are very in tune with this phenomena. I’ve dealt with this for many years and it was a breath of fresh air to witness the seminar today.
  271. Excellent – I find all your webinars very informative.
  272. I really enjoyed how there were different professionals present, which provided a well-rounded understanding from different perspectives.
  273. I appreciate the interactive polls – they are engaging for the audience.
  274. Concise, insightful and well-paced.
  275. It was helpful to hear the recommendations for communication platforms and counselling services out there.
  276. It was very focused on tangible suggestions for lawyers and victims of DV.
  277. Great presentation. I am the firm manager at SMP Law, we primarily litigate family matters. Much of what was presented, we are very familiar with, unfortunately.
  278. I thought that it provided a great deal of insight. I deal with abused women, mental health issues on a regular basis and am alarmed at the rise of narcissism and narcissistic personality disorders.
  279. I appreciated how the team had the conversation flowing – made it easier to listen to, unlike a boring lecture.
  280. The presentation was very informative. I never thought of the outcome of consultations during remote sessions.
  281. The Information is relevant to some family court situations I am currently managing. Narcissism seems to be a common personality concern in current Family matters.
  282. I really enjoyed the practical steps in supporting clients – especially safety planning tips for court hearings.
  283. The presentation was well organized, and interactive with the survey questions and answers.
  284. I appreciated the practical and educational information shared.
  285. It was wonderful to see professionals who accept that narcissists do exist. It took us 5 lawyers and 3 years in the Toronto area to get one to take my daughter’s case seriously.
  286. -It was very informative as always and interesting to see what other family lawyers’ opinions are through the polls .
  287. I appreciated the detailed scenarios with substantive answers.
  288. Very informative and professional. I did learn some new points.
  289. I liked how there are lots of possible scenarios discussed under this topic.
  290. I appreciated how easy it was to listen to and understand.
  291. I liked how the examples were relatable.
  292. These presentations are always informative and good for refreshing the issues.
  293. I liked all the topics discussed.
  294. I like all the examples and general discussions.
  295. There is a lot of good content.
  296. Very insightful; use of the polls kept me engaged.
  297. It was right to the point and concise.
  298. Useful information presented professionally.
  299. I like the predetermined topics and our ability to answer the questions and have the majority response immediately. Excellent for review of potential legislative changes to reflect current times.
  300. I like the style of presentation.
  301. I love the highlight approach, the skills and intelligence of the presenters, plus the humour that gets infused.
  302. I liked hearing the opinions of the panellists.
  303. -I enjoyed hearing that other lawyers shared my views.
  304. -I appreciated the depth and speed of the presentation.
  305. I enjoyed hearing about the nuts and bolts practical issues.
  306. It was very informative. As a current articling student, it was interesting to hear the different views on the subject of virtual representation and providing more efficient services to clients.
  307. I enjoyed the surveys and discussion.
  308. All of the speakers were engaging with important information and perspectives to share.
  309. I appreciated the presentation of the data gathered, and the suggestions for what to do next.
  310. I liked how the pools helped me to understand what others are thinking.
  311. The excellent panellists provided key insights into the in-person vs. virtual hearings.
  312. Very well done.
  313. I like how the presentation was fast and efficient.
  314. I like how It covered some very dry issues with speed and flavour.
  315. As a new family law practitioner, this was a new topic for me and I learned a lot about Bankruptcy.
  316. These are very learned panellists.
  317. I appreciated how many questions were answered.
  318. I appreciate the short, concise answers.
  319. The Q & A were very informative.
  320. May I use this opportunity to say a big thank you to Russell and his team. Every discussion was important.
  321. The entire presentation was valuable. I also thought that frequent but short questionnaires were helpful to test our knowledge and ability to think during the presentation.
  322. I appreciated all of the great information. I learned a lot from the concise/to the point responses. So much was packed into an hour.
  323. I appreciated the knowledge and experience of the speakers.
  324. There was a lot of good information and a range of topics.
  325. There were concise/clear ways of explaining all the queries, as well as each topic.
  326. It was informative and very useful to have the Q & A allow us to see what particular problems family law practitioners are typically facing.
  327. It was very informative and a great use of media.
  328. I enjoyed the subject matter.
  329. I liked the water cooler discussion as much as the main discussion.
  330. I was looking forward to it because I had attended the first two. Your presenters are knowledgeable.
  331. I liked our ability to ask questions and get answers directly.
  332. I liked the knowledgeable speakers, great Q&A, and interactive polls.
  333. Lot of things I did not know about Bankruptcy in a family law case setting came out in the discussion.
  334. Russ’ tan.
  335. I Loved this Q&A opportunity to have more in-depth information/discussion on earlier topics.
  336. I liked how it was very practical.
  337. I appreciated the great panel.
  338. I appreciated the great discussion on how the matrimonial home would be dealt with depending on ownership.
  339. I appreciated the practical tips and all your answers to our questions. Thanks so much.
  340. I’m very interested in the topic of bankruptcy, and believe it’s important information to assist family clients considering filing for bankruptcy.
  341. I like how It presented some cases, real life scenarios that are applications to real life. This all shows you have experience. I also appreciate that you brought in experts.
  342. -I appreciated the quick pace, It was helpful to know follow-on materials/links coming – so you can focus on listening.
  343. I enjoyed everything. Depth of knowledge covered, references to specific case law, friendliness amongst presenters, the polls and interaction with the audience.
  344. It was extremely informative. Questions were answered clearly and the case law links are invaluable. Thank you so much.
  345. It was clear, focused and timely.
  346. The recent case analysis for the issues covered was fantastic.
  347. I appreciated that you addressed more advanced topics. I also like that you provide your notes/content of the presentation.
  348. It was well organized, practical information was presented; and, presenters were well-experienced.
  349. -Great content! I Love the polls.
  350. I liked how it covered a wide range of topics.
  351. I liked how the presentation was relaxed and conversational.
  352. I appreciated how the presentation was to the point and quite informative.
  353. Current and succinct, as always.
  354. The case law references were great. It was very well organized, to the point with a good dynamic.
  355. The format of the survey and discussion of answers was nice. The presenters were informal and humorous, and the overall presentation of information was not intimidating. Information was relayed in an easy to understand manner.
  356. I enjoyed the conversational style.
  357. I appreciated discussion on common law issues.
  358. It was very informative and well run. I always learn something new. Great playlists.
  359. I appreciate the informative comments by speakers.
  360. I liked the current information provided.
  361. There was great information provided, very engaging.
  362. It was very informative and I appreciate the references to case law.
  363. I appreciated the simplicity and in-depth coverage of topics related to common law separation.
  364. I like how It addressed current issues on separation citation of up to date cases on common law separations. I appreciated The in-between polls during the Webinar and the fact that speakers were very knowledgeable on subject matter.
  365. The content was well presented and the polls add an interesting dynamic.
  366. I enjoyed the dialogue between the presenters.
  367. It was informative, swift-moving, light-hearted and therefore imparted knowledge in a congenial manner.
  368. There were excellent case references and breakdown of the test.
  369. The Case Law examples were very helpful. Thanks for making this available for no-cost.
  370. I enjoyed the specificity of the topics, even though the results will be fact-specific in each case.
  371. It was very clear and I was able to learn a lot of new things.
  372. I appreciate the knowledge of the presenters. I am a practising family mediator who has the privilege of having a Lawyer/mediator to assist with the financial portion of the parenting plan. This practice works!
  373. I appreciated the panel’s insights.
  374. I liked how Informative – great resource for extending my education.
  375. I enjoyed hearing a level-headed lawyer’s first hand experience with having to identify another lawyer’s adversarial nature.
  376. I appreciated how the polls kept me engaged and the presentations were informative.
  377. You can really see and feel the passion behind CFL. And the presentation was very informative.
  378. Good speakers and great content.
  379. It was very informative and the speakers were very experienced.
  380. I enjoyed the concise way the presenters explained some of the benefits of CP. Some of the phrases were quite illustrative and I will likely use them when speaking with clients. For example: CP is really a concierge service; people with good information make good decisions; CP brings the best of litigation and the best of mediation.
  381. This was a great perspective on the benefits of collaborative law. Each of your sessions I attend makes me more and more eager to get into collaborative. I took a special credit in law school on collaborative law. It was a self directed ADR course, so I got to choose the topic. I was very interested in the subject back then but the firm I worked for after law school did not do collaborative. Since going out on my own, I have just been trying to save up to pay for the courses to get certified. I like what Russell said don’t worry about the money…. That has been the only thing holding me back from making the switch. Thanks, Russell, for the great webinars and the motivating words.
  382. I enjoyed the whole conversation, it was informative.
  383. The speakers were very informed on the topic. The topic was very specific and questions were relevant to everyday practice.
  384. I liked that the panel included a trustee and bankruptcy lawyer.
  385. I appreciated the knowledgeable presenters.
  386. I liked how the panellists were knowledgeable and straight to the point.
  387. All the presenters were well spoken. I liked that the panel was structured as a conversation and not simply reading prepared commentary.
  388. I liked how they were highly qualified speakers.
  389. I liked how it is always informative with the keep to the hour knowledgeable panellists.
  390. It was very informative with great guest speakers.
  391. Great Information – connecting Bankruptcy with Family Law. I undertook Bankruptcy law during my master’s program..
  392. The presentation was very informative and also the panellist was very good in answering the questions in a friendly manner.
  393. Great concise information. I can’t believe how much I got covered in only an hour!
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