Ashley Macpherson

Ashley MacphersonIntake Specialist

Ashley MacPherson joined our team in 2015 as a receptionist, working in both our Lindsay and Brooklin offices. She is highly enthusiastic and known as a “ray of sunshine” around the office.

Shortly after joining the team, Ashley’s role expanded to that of legal assistant where she became responsible for preparing and organizing files; monitoring calendars; meeting deadlines; documenting actions; inputting information into our client file database and case management software. She is a Commissioner of Oaths certified to endorse affirmations and declarations. Ashley can often be seen filing documents at the courthouse and appearing at Rule 39 – First appearances.

When greeted by Ashley you will feel right at home as she truly cares about each and every client. If you have any questions you may contact her directly and she will do her absolute best to help.

It’s been a busy year for Ashley and her husband. They welcomed their first child a year ago and purchased their second home together. They enjoy spending time with friends and family, music festivals and travelling as much as possible.