Saving The Golden Goose

How family run businesses can survive and thrive after divorce

Learn how the collaborative divorce process can make things easier for your family and your business

  • A detailed analysis of collaborative divorce and its benefits
  • A breakdown of the alternatives to a Rights Based Analysis
  • Case studies on collaborative divorce successes
  • Details on privacy, protection, and planning for divorce

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Learn How to Protect Your Business in a Divorce

Collaborative divorce is an excellent tool for amicable dispute resolution when business is involved

Stay out of court!

Collaborative divorce allows families to keep their divorce proceedings out of court. This can have numerous advantages, especially if you have a family business.

Use the law to your advantage

Court proceedings have more strict guidelines that are applied to every case. In a collaborative or mediated divorce, spouses have more options that can be considered when dividing a business. 

Privacy, protection, and planning

The collaborative process is a fantastic tool for keeping your divorce proceedings civil. Learn more about staying out of the courtroom and taking back control of your family's future.

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