Family Dispute Resolution Centre

Welcome to our Family Dispute Resolution Centre, where we provide family law solutions that are sustainable, innovative and which provide families with the quicker dispute resolutions at lower costs. By focusing on alternative dispute resolutions such as collaboration and mediation, FDR aids in empowering families in what is traditionally a stressful and difficult time.

Our services provide more creative and unique solutions than the traditional litigation process and can provide families with greater participation in reaching a solution as well as more control over the outcome of their family law matter.

Our Mission

With an abundance of specialized skills and resources, we firmly believe in the value of family dispute resolution as an alternative to litigation. As family law practitioners, we have witnessed the often devastating and long-term effects that family litigation has on separating couples and their children. We make it our mission to make our team available to anyone looking to find efficient, cost-effective, practical, and creative solutions to family law disputes outside the conventional court system. FDR is family focused and a valuable resource for knowledge, insights, developments, and trends surrounding family law issues.

Why Choose Us

Our team has experience, knowledge and an understanding of what families go through during a separation or divorce and are sensitive to the lasting negative effects that a family breakdown can have. We have a history of litigating and settling cases and we draw on decades of experience to assist families in resolving their family law disputes.

The Russell Alexander FDR Team

Our FDR Professionals are Ready to Help You

Our team has earned a reputation of credibility and we are recognized for our collective skills, diversity, and forward-thinking alternative dispute resolution methods. At Russell Alexander Collaborative Family Lawyers, our approach to finding the best solutions for each individual family is practical, efficient, and tailor-made for the families who seek our services. We appreciate that all families are unique, and we are dedicated to helping you discover solutions that are best for your family’s future.

Carolyn Warner Headshot

Carolyn Warner

I’m passionate about FDR because I believe that it is an empowering process that allows the parties involved to create custom resolutions appropriate to their family’s particular circumstances. I’ve seen how litigation can create a scorched earth environment that can make co-parenting extremely difficult. The fact is that despite a separation, parents remain connected through their children and the lawyers will eventually complete their work and the parents will have to move on and communicate with one another. If I can be involved in a process that can make attending future graduations, weddings , and sports activities more cordial for former spouses, then I’m all for it.

Meet Carolyn

Margie Primero-Pimentel Associate Lawyer

Margie Primero-Pimentel

I am passionate about alternative dispute resolution because it’s the better path for separating couples who are dealing with the breakdown of their marriage. Court is an imperfect solution where the Courts attempt to apply general principles to very fact-specific, one-of-a kind cases. And all family law cases are one-of-a kind.

Meet Margie