Top 5 Ways to Keep Divorce Costs Down

  1. Discuss as Much as Possible Up Front

Prior to even hiring a lawyer, it is best for parties who plan on separating to try to have a few long, dispassionate discussions with each other to determine the key points of contention.  Some of the things that you presume will be a point of heated battle with your spouse may not actually matter them at all, so the earlier you can identify the true issues, the sooner they will get resolved.

  1. If You Are Going to Settle Anyway, Do It Early

Not every Family Law dispute is destined for court.  If you sense that you and your former partner will likely be able to come to terms at some point, they it is best to do it early.  The longer you wait and further along you get into the process, the more likely that the unimportant issues will get dragged along and will result in higher overall costs.

  1. Use Mediation Wherever Possible

Even once litigation has formally begun, parties are still able to use mediation to come to terms on some of the unresolved legal issues which will serve to narrow down the list of items that have to be addressed and determined by a court.

  1. Take the High Road

Costs will often get needlessly accumulated due to unnecessary acrimony, delay tactics and power plays on both sides.  Both parties need to understand that you will save yourselves time, stress and money by keeping the needless hostility and posturing out of the process.

  1. Hire a Good Family Law Lawyer

Hiring an experienced lawyer with the right approach will actually save you money in the long run.  Your lawyer’s ultimate duty – and one that is reinforced through the Law Society’s Rules of Professional Conduct – is to help you navigate through the divorce process effectively and efficiently.  Therefore, a good lawyer will quickly identify areas of common ground and issues that show promise for settlement, and determine the best approach for getting optimum results for you.