Defining the Role of Your Lawyer

Frustration, fear and sadness often accompany a divorce and your lawyer should help by providing you with guidance during this transition and what maybe a difficult time in your life.  The majority of individuals who find themselves in a quickly-unravelling relationship or who wander into a legal dispute typically have little experience or understanding of what the Family Law system involves, let alone have a comprehensive understanding of what their role – and the role of their lawyer – might be in that complex process.

Your lawyer should provide you with the information to help you identify and understand the issues, as well as the options and opportunities available to you.  This means working with you to design a plan to help you make progress and achieve your goals, keeping you informed about matters as they arise and discussing any significant decisions that you are required to make.  Ultimately, you will be the one making the final decision and providing your lawyer with instructions, but it is best to get solid legal advice to assist in making those decisions in this difficult time and throughout the process.