Do You Have Grounds for Divorce?

As mentioned in previous sections of our Divorce Information Center, there are multiple ways to prove the breakdown or invalidity of a marriage.  The most common being whether a couple has lived separate and apart from one another for one year or longer.  Although determining the precise point at which a couple has “separated” is not always straightforward, this reasoning is the most straightforward approach to filing for divorce.  In our era of technology, there is a large amount of basic, free legal information available on the internet – including information pertaining to relatively common and uncomplicated Family Law issues.  To get a good start on a good ending, here are some initial pointers to ensure you are assembling the best information.

Ending Off on the Right Foot

The most valuable information will come from government sponsored sites, or reputable websites written by individuals or organizations with a particular passion.  However, even within these resources, the quality and accuracy of the information can be uneven or suspect.  A person with a Family Law concern may manage to find great sources, but even the best websites tend to be very basic in the information that they provide.  This makes it virtually impossible to find reliable and comprehensive Family Law advice that is tailored to their specific circumstances.

This is why it is especially important for couples – especially those that are contemplating or deciding to separate – to obtain competent and accurate legal advice from a Family Law lawyer as early as possible.  Not only will the lawyer be able to provide information about what the process involves and how the system works, but they will also be able to give advice on the individual’s respective legal rights within their own specific or unique situation.