Collaborative Practice

Video: Ontario Divorce without Courts: Introduction to Collaborative Practice

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Lawyers in Ontario can assist in the negotiation of divorce settlements while keeping an open communication and achieving a common solution between spouses through collaborative practice. The goal of collaborative practice or collaborative divorce is to provide you and your spouse or partner with legal help, protection, and counseling without having to go to court. Collaborative divorce also allows you to benefit from the engagement of child and financial specialists, divorce coaches, and other professionals in your corner in resolving your matter.

Three main factors make up your contractual commitments in collaborative practice: (1) reach a mutually acceptable agreement without relying on the courts to resolve conflicts, (2) foster open and trustworthy communication including with respect to the exchanging of information, and (3) develop shared solutions that take into account everyone’s top interests. After considering these aspects, the question then becomes whether collaborative practice is appropriate for you and your case.

Is Collaborative Practice Something You Should Pursue?

Divorce is a highly personal and emotional affair. There is no single strategy that is appropriate for everyone.

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Important Points Regarding the Interrelation Between Collaborative Practice and Family Law

Feel as though you need more information surrounding collaborative practice before making a decision? Here’s a rundown of what you should know!

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