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In the media: Russ interviewed by Devon Peacock from Global News 980 CFPL

Court rules in favour of child attending school in-person after divorced parents can’t agree on what is best

Last week, an Ontario judge ruled it was in the best interests of a child that they go back to school after their parents, who are divorced, couldn’t agree and took the matter to court.

What could this mean going forward?

Divorce attorney Russell Alexander joins Devon Peacock on the Morning Show to discuss.

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Ontario Family Court Rules Against Divorced Father Seeking to Keep Child From In-Person Schooling

Divorce Lawyer Russell Alexander weighs in on first major case testing COVID safety protocols

LINDSAY, Ontario—The Superior Court of Justice has ruled against a divorced father seeking
to keep his child from attending school in person, in a major test of a custody issue coming up
during the coronavirus pandemic.

In a case watched closely by Russell Alexander Collaborative Family Lawyers, the court granted
a temporary order that the child should be registered to attend school in-person starting in
September, reviewing the issue at Thanksgiving or later, or considering a compromise in which
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In the media: Ontario lawyer releases second book on divorce and includes chapter on divorce during a pandemic


Ontario collaborative family lawyer Russell Alexander delayed the release of his second book because of the pandemic; however, the delay allowed him to add another chapter.

“We started to get a bunch of new questions from clients that we hadn’t received,” said Alexander.

“Initially the questions were about getting the courts open. If I have a court order and an agreement can I enforce it?”

Alexander, whose home base is Lindsay, Ont., said some parents were using the pandemic as a way to change custody of their children.

“They were complaining the other spouse was a health-care … more »

Russell Alexander recently featured on Law Times

Lawyer’s new book on divorce: Family law in a pandemic

Social distancing’s push to use technology has enhanced client service, says Russell Alexander

Stuck in lockdown, how do you keep your marriage together? If that does not work, how do you get a divorce during a global pandemic?

The COVID-19 pandemic has – for better or worse – brought families together, provided they had been living together in mid-March. Lindsay-Ont.-area family lawyer Russell Alexander was set to publish his second book Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Divorce, when the pandemic struck. He delayed publication to add a

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