Pro Bono Day

Get Free Legal Advice on Russell Alexander’s Pro Bono Day

Russell Alexander Collaborative Family Lawyers is offering individuals the opportunity to book a complimentary Initial Consultation with one of our experienced Associate Family Lawyers. 

Pro Bono Day Intake Form

Complete the Intake Form to Get Started. Once the form has been submitted, one of our Intake Specialists will reach out to provide you with next steps towards booking your complimentary Initial Consultation.

Application Deadline: 12 PM ET November 1, 2023

Our firm holds Pro Bono Day bi-annually to facilitate greater access to legal advice and alleviate the financial burden and uncertainty that may arise when starting the separation and divorce process. Please note that if you decide to retain our firm, standard fees will apply for any services beyond the Initial Consultation. Pro Bono Days are designed to empower individuals to make informed decisions as they begin their legal matters.