Russell Alexander Offers Splitting Couples Post-Separation Advice

Lawyers look at real-world cases and recent court decisions to give guidance

LINDSAY, Ontario—Russell Alexander Collaborative Family Lawyers has dedicated a new section of its website solely to offering post-separation advice to splitting couples.

“Legal analysis can be hard to follow for the average person,” said founder Russell Alexander. “By looking at these individual cases, we help make it clear what the stakes are, and what can happen when you make certain decisions during a divorce.”

As part of its online Divorce Information Centre, the Lindsay-based firm has added a new section solely dedicated to post-separation issues drawn from real-world cases and Ontario judicial decisions. Recent articles include looks at what happens when spouses snoop on each
other’s email and social media accounts, post-separation debt and breaking verbal promises on financial issues.

In another recent case, a husband who took furniture, appliances, mementos and legal documents while his wife was out of town was ordered to pay $5,000 in restitution, return the items and forfeit any other requests for property.

“Emotions run high during a divorce, but acting on them can end up backfiring,” added Alexander. “We stress a collaborative approach to family law because it can reduce those tensions and allow both sides to get what they really want.”

Launched in early 2020, the Divorce Information Centre has turned into the most popular section of the Alexander law firm’s website.

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