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The Week Ahead – January 26

This week we will review: Justice Pazaratz Issues Another Sharp Ruling Amidst the Current COVID-19 “Existential Crisis”; and Should Dad’s “Scamdemic” Protest Activism Disqualify Him from Exercising In-Person Parenting Time?

Wednesday’s Video: Storage Wars – Divorce Edition

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The Week Ahead – January 18th

This week we will review: What is Considered “Cyberbullying” in Family Law?; and For the Tik Tok Generation: The Latest Way to Ask for Divorce?

Wednesday’s Video: James Barker Live at Drive-In Concert

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Ontario’s Russell Alexander Law Firm Hires New Lawyer Amid Expansion

New associate joins legal team amid expansion due to Covid-19-related spike in divorce cases

Russell Alexander Collaborative Family Lawyers today announced that it has hired Alex De Melo as an associate lawyer amid an expansion due to a coronavirus-related spike in divorce cases.

“Family law can be one of the most personal and difficult areas of our profession, but Alex has shown that he can handle a wide range of cases,” said founder Russell Alexander. “We are excited to welcome him to the team.”

An experienced family lawyer, De Melo has worked as a legal counsel at Legal Aid Ontario, … more »

Russell Alexander Offers Splitting Couples Post-Separation Advice

Lawyers look at real-world cases and recent court decisions to give guidance

LINDSAY, Ontario—Russell Alexander Collaborative Family Lawyers has dedicated a new section of its website solely to offering post-separation advice to splitting couples.

“Legal analysis can be hard to follow for the average person,” said founder Russell Alexander. “By looking at these individual cases, we help make it clear what the stakes are, and what can happen when you make certain decisions during a divorce.”

As part of its online Divorce Information Centre, the Lindsay-based firm has added a new section solely dedicated to post-separation issues drawn from real-world … more »

The Week Ahead – January 11

This week we will review: Lifestyles of the (Canadian) Rich and Famous – Divorce Appeal Dismissed; and Did Kid’s Time After School Drop-off Count Towards Dad’s Parenting Time?

Wednesday’s Video Clip: Divorce H.E.L.P – Settle Your Divorce in Less Than Seven Days

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Giving Fund 2020: Home Again Benefit Concert

Each year, Russell Alexander Collaborative Family Lawyers takes the opportunity to show their support and gratitude to the local community by giving back in some way. This year our team chose to show our support in sponsoring the Lindsay Academy Theatre’s Home Again benefit concert.

As with many arts and culture organizations, COVID-19 has had a devastating impact on the future viability of the city’s performance hub, having left the building dark since mid-March.

With hopes of reopening slowly and with severely limited operational capacity in the spring, more than a year will have passed since closing its doors to … more »

The Week Ahead – January 4th

This week we will review: Deadbeat Dad Jailed for 4.5 Years for Failing to Pay Nearly $250k in Child Support; and Disobedient Husband Loses Right to Appeal

On Friday we will also have a special post highlighting FamilyLLB’s Top Podcasts of 2020

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