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CBC – Ontario Morning Podcast

Russell Alexander talks about the stresses that the pandemic can put on already strained relationships and how divorce lawyers are having to contend with a whole new set of questions that clients haven’t traditionally asked such as loss of income to returning to school to social distancing and social bubbles.

Russell also goes on to speak about how people are seeing their spouses in a whole new light as a result of the pandemic and some people are thinking that perhaps this isn’t the person I thought I married.

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The Week Ahead – October 26th

This week we will review: Ontario Unveils the Moving Ontario Family Law Forward Act, 2020 (Bill 207); and Parents’ Settlement Agreement Falls Apart Due to Expert’s Input

Wednesday’s Video Clip: Nondisclosure is “A Fraud of the Court”

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The Week Ahead – October 19th

This week we will review: “Weekend Times are Crucial” Court Chooses Hebrew School Option that Leaves Child’s Sundays Free; and Did Husband’s Impotence Serve to Annul Marriage? B.C. Court Says “Yes”

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Everything you need to know about divorce – Let’s Talk London with Jess Brady

Divorce rates have been rising since the pandemic began. Catch Russ on Let’s Talk London with Jess Brady to talk about the rising interest in divorce.… more »

Welcome to the team, Rick

Russell Alexander Collaborative Family Lawyers is proud to welcome associate lawyer, Rick Peticca to the firm.  Over his 13 year career in law, Rick focuses on all aspects of family law and matrimonial law by helping clients find resolution on a myriad of areas which include child-related matters, support, and property issues and also in drafting and finalizing domestic contracts – cohabitation agreements, marriage contracts, paternity agreements, and separation agreements.

While in law school, Rick worked with the Family Law Project in his second year by working at the Ontario Court of Justice in Toronto (both at the Ontario Court … more »

The Week Ahead – October 13

This week we will review Five Things to Know Before Getting a Divorce in Ontario During a Pandemic; and “Weekend Times are Crucial” as Court Chooses Hebrew School Option That Leaves Child’s Sundays Free

Wednesday’s Video: Ontario Child Support During Pandemic

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Welcome to the team, Brittany Whalen

Russell Alexander Collaborative Family Lawyers is proud to welcome, Brittany as our newest associate lawyer.  In 2016, she was called to the Ontario Bar and in 2017, she was called to the Newfoundland and Labrador Bar. She worked as an associate lawyer at a full-service law firm in St. John’s, Newfoundland and Labrador, where she established a successful family law practice and had the opportunity to work on several high-profile criminal and civil litigation matters.

She is passionate about social justice issues and has undertaken specialized training to provide trauma-informed legal services to harm survivors. Brittany has previously worked in … more »


Russell Alexander Offers Tips for Divorcing in Ontario During the Coronavirus Pandemic

Lawyers say couples should be prepared, as courtroom procedures have changed

With marriages strained by the coronavirus pandemic, interest in divorce is spiking. But divorce lawyer Russell Alexander warns that couples seeking to separate need to be prepared for a much different process than that which pre-dated the pandemic. Alexander is author of the new book, “Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Divorce,” which he delayed the release of just to include a special bonus chapter on divorcing during a pandemic.

Courtroom procedures have changed due to … more »

The Week Ahead – October 5th

This week we will review: Retroactive Child Support for Now-Adult Children: Supreme Court of Canada Clarifies the Rules; and Academic Dive – Evolving Collaborative Practice Towards a Hybrid Approach

Wednesday’s Video: Is Attending School In-Person vs Online a Medical or Educational Decision?

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