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The Week Ahead – August 31st

This week we will review: Ontario Judge Laments Spike in Urgent “Let’s Change Johnny’s School” Motions at This Time of Year; and Does Suing Opposing Counsel for $1 Billion Make you “Vexatious”?

Wednesday’s Video Clip: Child Ordered by Court to Return to In-Person Schooling

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Community: Russell Alexander Collaborative Family Lawyers is the proud presenting sponsor of the Home Again benefit concert

James Barker to headline concert to Benefit Academy Theatre

The Academy Theatre is in serious trouble, according to a media release, and the theatre is hoping  James Barker and a cadre of special guests might save it.

As with many arts and culture organizations, COVID-19 has had a devastating impact on the future viability of the city’s performance hub, having left the building dark since mid-March.

With hopes of reopening slowly and with severely limited operational capacity in the spring, more than a year will have passed since closing its doors to the public. As an independent performing arts venue … more »

In the media: Ontario lawyer releases second book on divorce and includes chapter on divorce during a pandemic


Ontario collaborative family lawyer Russell Alexander delayed the release of his second book because of the pandemic; however, the delay allowed him to add another chapter.

“We started to get a bunch of new questions from clients that we hadn’t received,” said Alexander.

“Initially the questions were about getting the courts open. If I have a court order and an agreement can I enforce it?”

Alexander, whose home base is Lindsay, Ont., said some parents were using the pandemic as a way to change custody of their children.

“They were complaining the other spouse was a health-care … more »

The Week Ahead – August 24th

This week we will review: Appeal Court Rules: No Time-Limit for Simple Court Declaration Voiding Marriage Contract; and Even for COVID-19 Challenged Couples: Crime Still Doesn’t Pay – Literally!

Wednesday’s Video – Apply Now: $2,000 Russell Alexander Law Scholarship (Deadline August 31, 2020)

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The Week Ahead – August 17th

This week we will review: Mom Worries About COVID-19: Court Blocks Dad’s Cottage Week with Kid; and Should the Court Override the Spouses’ Separation Agreement Due to Post-Signing Events?

Wednesday’s Video Clip: Our Firm Scholarship Award

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In the media: Russ appears on CTV News to discuss his new book, “Everything You Aways Wanted to Know About Divorce

Russell talks to CTV News host, Beverly Thomson to discuss his new book and the special chapter dedicated to divorce during the pandemic.

On August 6, 2020, Russell and CTV News’ Beverly Thomson connected over Zoom for an interview that touched on a range of topics dealing with divorce during the pandemic that he delves into in his new book, “Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Divorce.”

Russell also discussed how the firm has seen a spike in couples seeking information about divorce, child access during the pandemic, and how couples are becoming overwhelmed by spending so … more »

In the media: Russell Alexander interviewed by CBC News on the major backlog in divorce proceedings

Couples looking to divorce could have to wait a year or longer

Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, family courts in Ontario have been operating on an emergency-only basis.

The majority of cases that were scheduled to be heard as far back as March were put on hold.

“We’ve got a four or five-month backlog, so the cases that were scheduled in March are now getting scheduled for October and November,” said Russell Alexander, a family lawyer in Toronto.

He says anyone looking to file a new case should expect to wait “well into the new year” before it … more »

The Week Ahead – August 10th

This week we will review: Appeal Court Reverses on Return to Kuwait for Asylum-Seeking Mother and Kids; and Appeal Court Complains About Some Trial Judges’ “Blizzard of Words” and “Factual Data Dump”

Wednesday’s Video Clip: Marriage Contract

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The Week Ahead – August 3rd

This week we will review: Woman’s “Misfortune” of $2M Lottery Win Prompts Lawsuits by Parents and Boyfriend; and Nondisclosure is “A Fraud of the Court”

Wednesday’s Video Clip: COVID-19 and Divorce (Part II) Law Firm Management

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