Ontario Lawyer Looks at ‘the New Normal’ in Divorce Amid the Coronavirus Pandemic in Upcoming Book

Russell Alexander answers questions about how family law has changed in recent months

LINDSAY, Ontario—Russell Alexander takes a look at changes in family law during the coronavirus pandemic in his latest book, set to hit shelves later this summer.

Alexander delayed publication of his second book, “Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Divorce,” to add a new chapter providing readers with answers to new questions about divorce, child custody and other issues raised by the pandemic.book-cover

“The coronavirus raised a whole set of issues,” said Alexander. “How do you handle co-parenting handoffs during a lockdown? How do you address spousal support during a worldwide recession? Should the risk of contracting the virus factor into custody decisions? My goal with this book was to help families get answers.”

In the book, Alexander lays out some basic guidelines for the new normal. First, couples who were already facing stressed relationships should take extra time and care to reduce tension to avoid divorce down the road. Those who are splitting up should aim for a collaborative approach that allows more flexibility if conditions change. And children’s best interests should include not just the risk of contracting the virus, but also the emotional damage of having their lives disrupted or not being allowed to see a parent.

With many lawyers working remotely and some courtrooms closed during the pandemic, Alexander said judges are taking a different view of which matters are considered urgent enough to warrant an immediate hearing. In some cases, that could mean a dispute over a parent’s use of
social media, for example, might be delayed, while a question about a parent’s compliance with social distancing rules might lead to an immediate hearing.

“Our firm has long advocated for families to use alternatives to the courtroom, but that has never been more important than during the pandemic,” added Alexander. “I hope that this book can help families make the best choices possible in this difficult time.”

Alexander’s previous book, “The Path to a Successful Divorce,” became a No. 1 bestseller on Amazon.

For more details on “Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Divorce,” and updates on the release date, visit: https://www.russellalexander.com/book