In the news: Russ disusses marriages in Canada impacted due to the pandemic on Global News Radio

Russell Alexander recently appeared on Global News Radio to discuss the impact the pandemic has had on marriages in Canada, what options are available right now and what recommendations he has for couples to achieve a successful divorce.

Mr. Alexander discussed the possible factors contributing to the spike in divorces in Ontario and how couple’s can manage the added tension quarantine can create. Mr. Alexander highlights how, as routines are being turned completely upside down, underlying stress that may have previously existed in a relationship is now bubbling to the top as a result of social isolation. If the strain of the relationship is too much, couples should not feel pressured to wait until after the pandemic is over to separate. Professionals and lawyers continue to be available to assist in separations and divorces during the pandemic.

Mr. Alexander also touched upon some of the many questions divorcing couples have and explained that, although courts are effectively closed except for emergency matters, there are alternative dispute resolution options available outside of the courts. Mr. Alexander discusses this further in his new book, ‘Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Divorce’, where he has included a section created specifically on divorcing couples during the pandemic.

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