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Russell Alexander on CTV: Keeping your family intact

Russell Alexander recently appeared on CTV News to discuss how the coronavirus is impacting families across Canada and what you can do to keep your family intact.

Mr. Alexander explained how the quarantine has put extra strain on relationships, many of which may have had underlying tensions that the pandemic has brought to a head.  In his recent articles, Mr. Alexander provides families with tips and tricks for keeping relationships intact during the pandemic such as maintaining your routine as best as possible, making time for you and your spouse, and making alone time for yourself.

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Russell Alexander Appeared on CJBK: Here’s What Families Can Do Amidst COVID-19

Divorce and separation are some of the most difficult times for families, and with the COVID-19 pandemic, the process has become much more complicated. Many Canadian families are subject to additional stressors due to health protocols. Russell Alexander has a few tips for families going through this difficult time:

  1. Take time apart: With quarantine and social distancing measures in place, many couples are spending an abnormal amount of time together. It is important for each person to maintain their independence in a relationship, therefore couples should set some time each day where they can each be alone. This can be
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The Week Ahead – May 25th

This week we will review:

Court Sends “Very Strong Signal” to Parents: “Don’t Engage in Hard-Ball Tactics”; and Court Chastises Father: “The Gamesmanship Must Come to an Immediate End”

On Wednesday we have a video clip about: Gift Card Giveaway – Draw to Announce Winner

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The Week Ahead – May 19th

This week we will review: 

Monday – Family Law Now, Ep. 32: Divorce H.E.L.P.

Tuesday – Runaway Train: Using Collaborative Methods to Derail High Conflict Court Cases

Wednesday – Divorce H.E.L.P. Video Clip

Thursday – “It’s 2020”: Court Rejects Objections to COVID-19 Prompted Videoconferencing

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The Week Ahead – May 11

This week we will review:

Monday – Child “Deserves Better”: Court Orders Parents to Stop Using Nasty Texts as Their Sole Means of Communication

Wednesday’s Video Clip – Our New Normal in Lindsay, ON.

Thursday – Family Law Now: Spousal Support and Pandemic Part 3

Friday – Courts Say “Enough is Enough” to Vexatious Litigants

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CHEX News at 6 on Global Peterborough: Russell Alexander law firm delivers pizzas to Peterborough Regional Health Centre

Global News Peterborough recently caught up with Mr. Alexander and his “Save A Slice” initiative. Over the past weeks, Russell Alexander and his team have been teaming up with local restaurants and delivering pizzas to first responders and local hospitals.

Mr. Alexander launched the “Save a Slice” initiative in support of our doctors, nurses and support staff at our local hospitals as well as in support of local restaurants.  He hopes that other local law firms and businesses will get on board and support their fellow business owners.

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In the media: Russ on Newstalk 1010

Russell Alexander recently appeared on Newstalk 1010 to discuss his recent initiative, “Save a Slice”.  Mr. Alexander started the initiative to support local businesses and to give back to the community.

Over the past weeks, Russell Alexander has been teaming up with local restaurants and delivering pizzas to first responders and local hospitals in Lindsay, Oshawa, Peterborough, Toronto and Markham/Stouffville.  The “Save A Slice” initiative provides business for local family-run restaurants while also showing support to our doctors, nurses, and support staff who have been working tirelessly through this pandemic.  And Mr. Alexander highlights that this is only the beginning … more »

The Week Ahead – May 4th

This week we will review:

Monday – Settle Your Divorce Terms in Less Than Seven Days

Tuesday – What’s the Value of Goodwill in a Business?

Wednesday – Ontario Child Support During Pandemic: Full Video

Thursday –  Court Confirms Near-$1 Million Loan from Father to Son – But then Values it at $0 For Equalization Purposes

Friday – Helping Family Businesses Survive the Pandemic and Divorce

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In the news: Watch the full interview with Russell Alexander on 680 News

Russ was invited to join Richard of 680 News over a zoom call to discuss higher divorce rates due to the coronavirus pandemic.

“The studies we’re seeing from China and the UK indicate that divorce rates are spiking,” said Russell Alexander. “We haven’t seen this happening in Canada just yet, but if this goes on for several more months, we may see a spike in divorce.”

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