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The Week Ahead – August 19

This week we will review: If the Parties Settle, Who’s Entitled to Legal  Costs?; and Canoe Tragedy at Cottage Leads to Conviction for Impaired Driving

On Wednesday we have a video clip about: What can I do if my spouse doesn’t want to get divorced?

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The Week Ahead – August 12th

This week we will review: Was Ex Wife Entitle to $500,000 in Life Insurance? Or was it Merely to “Secure” Support? and; What’s the Legal Effect of Setting Aside a Domestic Agreement Pending Trial?

On Wednesday we have a video clip about: Persuading Your Spouse To Choose Collaborative Divorce

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The Week Ahead – August 6th

This week we will review: What Happens When Your Marriage Gets Voided? And How is it Different from Divorce?; and Parental Alienation and Custody Switches: Fostering Relationships is Key

Wednesday’s Video Clip: Russell Alexander, Family Lawyers

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