International Women’s Day

On March 8th, 2019 Russell Alexander hosted an event to celebrate all the women who work in his offices. The Managing Associate Lawyer, Nafisa Nazarali, started off the day by sharing her journey as a woman in the corporate world. She talked about the obstacles and challenges thrown her way simply because of her gender. While being faced with discrimination time and time again, she began to lose hope for her future, her career and her passion.

Nafisa said, “Women have to be resilient,” and even when she was discouraged by many, she found waves of strength. She mentioned her husband for being supportive throughout it all. Nafisa is now a lawyer, mother, wife and empowering woman.

The event continued with a short film about the recent history of gender inequality playing on the big screen. The audience watched as it opened their eyes and inspired their hearts. “Expressing emotion is often viewed as weakness. Women are emotional, we cry when we’re upset. Having emotions is not a weakness – it is a strength.” – Nafisa Nazarali

After the film, all the women in the building were invited for breakfast. With that, International Women’s Day comes to an end, and Russell’s staff continues to support and empower each other every day of the week.

See more photos from the firm’s first annual international women’s day event on instagram.