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The Week Ahead – March 25th

This week we will review:

Setting Aside Separation for Non-Disclosure of Assets: Is There a Difference Between “Considerable” and “Significant”? and; “Winner/Loser Syndrome” and Child Custody

Wednesday’s Video Clip: What if my child does not want to visit their other parent? Do I have to force them?

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New Article Published on – Ownership of Property Revealed to Spouse After 20 Years

Did Wife’s Lawyer Know of Husband’s Asset?  And Can Court Assume Wife Knew, Too?

Just prior to their marriage, the husband had bought the property, and led the wife to believe it was owned by a development corporation that had been set up.  In reality, he put title in his own name – a fact he did not reveal in his sworn affidavits and financial statements.

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The Week Ahead – March 18th

This week we will review: When Can (or Should) a Court Force Parents to Go to Reunification Therapy; and Does Husband’s Death Affect Pending Divorce Order?

On Wednesday we have a video clip: We’re Here to Help

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New Article Published on – Can Someone With Chronic Alcoholism Make a Valid Will?

Did Testator’s Chronic Alcoholism Affect His Ability to Make a Valid Will?

In a recent Ontario Court of Appeal decision involving a Wills and Estates matter, one of the main questions was whether the testator – a man named Jack – was so impacted by his chronic alcoholism and the after-effects of a heart attack that he did not have the legal capacity to validly make the Will that entirely excluded his wife Loretta.

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International Women’s Day

On March 8th, 2019 Russell Alexander hosted an event to celebrate all the women who work in his offices. The Managing Associate Lawyer, Nafisa Nazarali, started off the day by sharing her journey as a woman in the corporate world. She talked about the obstacles and challenges thrown her way simply because of her gender. While being faced with discrimination time and time again, she began to lose hope for her future, her career and her passion.

Nafisa said, “Women have to be resilient,” and even when she was discouraged by many, she found waves of strength. She mentioned … more »

The Week Ahead – March 4th

This week we will review: Former Shark Tank Star Ordered to Pay Ex-Wife $125,000 Per Month in Support; and Court Decides it Can Order “Reunification Therapy” To Repair Fractured Parent-Relationship

On Wednesday we have a video clip about: How To Use Technology To Improve Your Family Law Practice

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