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The Week Ahead April 25th

This week we will if Nude Pics of Your Ex Help the Judge Decide? Likely Not; and we will review If Husband Was Unfaithful, Should Wife Get Bigger Share of Equalization?

On Wednesday we have a Video Clip about Who Pays Child Support in Ontario?

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The Week Ahead – April 18th

This week we will consider Mother’s Childcare Budget Shows £10,555 a Year for Wine – Is That Too Extravagant? And examine a case where a Man says he was “Tricked” into Unplanned Parenthood – Can He Sue for Damages?

On Wednesday we have a Video Clip about Wills & Estates: What Is A Power Of Attorney

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Associate lawyer Adam Borer & Collaborative Practice

Associate lawyer Adam Borer will be completing level 1 of his Collaborative Practice training with Collaborative Practice Toronto this upcoming Thursday April 14, 2016 and Friday April 15, 2016.

Collaborative Practice, including Collaborative Law and interdisciplinary Collaborative Divorce, is a way for you to resolve disputes respectfully — without going to court — while working with trained professionals who are important to all areas of your life. The term incorporates all of the models developed since Minnesota lawyer Stu Webb created Collaborative Law ideas in the 1980s.

The heart of Collaborative Practice or Collaborative Divorce (also called “no-court divorce,” “divorce … more »

The Week Ahead – April 11th

This week we will review a case that asks Did Son Work for Free in Father’s Company for Almost a Decade? And we will consider if A Misbehaving Spouse Get Occupation Rent?

On Wednesday we have a Video Clip about Ontario Divorce Law: Is Collaborative Practice Right for You?

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RIA Team Attending 10th Annual Family Law Summit

April 6, 2016

The lawyers at Russell Alexander Collaborative Family Lawyers are excited to be attending the 10th Annual Family Law Summit on April 11 and April 12, 2016. This will be a great opportunity for the lawyers to gain valuable insight into various topics as well as network with colleagues, members of the bench, academics and experts in family law.

The Summit is being chaired by Mary-Jo Maur and Daniel Melamed and will include many interesting topics such as setting aside domestic agreements, tax benefits and credits, and case law updates, just to name a few.… more »

The Week Ahead – April 4th

This week we will review case where a Self-Represented Father Files in Wrong Court (Plus Other Blunders) and the Court Throws Out Appeal; and another case where Over Three Years and $500,000 Later, Judge Laments Financial “Tragedy” Parents’ Custody Battle

On Wednesday we have a Video Clip about Transfer of Property in Ontario Separation or Divorce

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