Adam Borer

Adam Borer

Associate Lawyer

I am an associate lawyer at Russell Alexander Family Lawyers. I practice in all areas of family law including Collaborative Family Law, divorce, custody, access, child support, spousal support, domestic contracts and property-related issues. I represent clients in litigation, in negotiations and various forms of alternate dispute resolution.

For my undergraduate degree, I attended Dalhousie University in Halifax, Nova Scotia, where I majored in Sociology and minored in Law and Society. After graduation, I traveled to Australia for law school where I completed the Juris Doctor Program at Bond University with Honours. In January 2013, I was called to the Bar in Ontario.

I joined Russell Alexander Collaborative Family Lawyers as an associate in 2015. Prior to joining Russell Alexander, I practiced both family and criminal law in Ajax, Ontario.

I am originally from Ottawa, and after spending time on the East Coast and in Australia, I moved to Toronto in 2012. If I’m not working with clients I can be found spending quality time with my family or playing sports.


“Toward the end of December 2016, Adam Borer, B.A., J.D., took on my divorce file and has represented my interests since. At the time Adam assumed my file, it was really just starting into the legal process and a scheduled court date was “around the corner.” I was concerned about the timing, but Adam quickly picked up the previous three years of details and context in my file and counselled me with new thoughts and insight to move the case forward. In every communication with all parties, Adam has kept correspondence very professional, but held firmly to the substance of my case file, representing my interests, until finally an outcome was reached. Truthfully, Adam’s expertise and considerable courtroom knowledge were very evident in how he handled the proceedings and, in fact, throughout the entire procedure. There were quite a few frustrating elements, but Adam knew when to control a situation and rechannel what was happening, in court, with the judge, and throughout the process.

Adam has been consistently professional and timely, while empathetic, amenable, approachable and patiently understanding. Adam knows how to read a situation as it is unfolding, and he knows when to take control to stay on track. Throughout our conversations Adam has understood that there is much at stake, with each clause in the agreement, and he takes the time to work through every line. I am incredibly grateful for Adam’s divorce (and legal) expertise and the composed, confident counsel he has provided to me, coupled with his knowing approach. My file has since closed, but I have continued to rely on Adam to act on my behalf for a number of related matters that have arisen over the past years, and when I’ve needed to contact Adam for “one off” assistance, he has been very approachable and quick to respond and resolve issues.

I am pleased to recommend Adam Borer, and Russell Alexander Collaborative Family Lawyers. They have always interacted with discretion, competence and compassion and Adam made the process far more handleable than I could have hoped. My divorce case was in exceptionally good care under Adam’s direction and, again, I absolutely recommend Adam to anyone navigating this process. Divorce is a life altering undertaking, fraught with endless potential outcomes, not all positive, and I cannot imagine trying to steer through the system without benefit of Adam’s knowledgeable legal counsel. I will always be grateful for Adam’s handling of my case and his ability to guide it to an amenable closure.”